2015 Clownies

Now that 2016 is in full swing, it’s time to get started on my year-end 2015 posts. Here we are with The 2015 Clownies. Now, I always have to remind myself about these posts, so I assume you need a refresher, too. The Clownies celebrate the best of what I reviewed in 2015, not necessarily what was released in 2015. I cover the best of what was released in 2015 in my Best Of post, which will be severely delayed this year because I want to review a few more 2015 albums before getting around to that one.

So on to the winners.

Song Of The Year

This one was easy. Last February I reviewed the Best Song Ever, Guns N’ Roses’ “Coma” from Use Your Illusion I, so that’s the winner.

Album Of The Year

This award was quite a bit trickier to nail down, and I’m still not sure I got it right. I reviewed four five-clown albums this year, which seems high, but I’ll stand by those four.

That said, Led Zeppelin’s IV [Deluxe Edition] was quickly eliminated from contention when I re-reviewed them over the last couple of weeks. It’s just not nearly as immediate as the other three candidates.

The next to be eliminated, though it was a strong contender, was Alice In Chain’s Facelift.

Finally, I spent quite a bit of time trying to pick between Kyuss’ Wretch and Morrissey’s Your Arsenal.

I should point out here that all four of these albums were surprise contenders. Led Zeppelin because I’d previously reviewed the non-deluxe version of IV and found it underwhelming. Morrissey because I had no idea he made albums that good. And Kyuss and Alice In Chains because I thought I preferred each album’s follow-up, which I definitely don’t.

Anyway, after a lot of careful listening, I am awarding the Clownie to Wretch by a pinky. Your Arsenal is excellent, and as a tighter package, leaves you breathless and just satisfied. Wretch goes a little too long; I’m always thinking it should end when it gets to the ninth track (“I’m Not”) but it’s got two more to go. Still, it’s so much more visceral that, despite, or maybe because of, its rough edges I slightly prefer it.

Artist Of The Year

This is not quite as obvious a winner as “Coma,” but still kind of a shoo-in in a year where there were very few artists of whom I reviewed more than one release. The winner is Led Zeppelin, as I reviewed the deluxe editions of four of their albums: II, III, IV, and Houses Of The Holy. And it wasn’t just quantity of reviews, either. Along with IV‘s ultimate rating, the other three all came in at 4.5 clowns. What a career to get into forty years after the fact. Go Fat Clown!


Lenovo Break Key

Hoping this will save somebody else the (literally) hours it took me trying to track this down.

I’d been very frustrated using Remote Desktop Connection ever since I got my Lenovo Twist in the fall because it was missing the Pause and Break keys. So if I wanted to go from full screen RDC back to the windows on my PC, I had to use the mouse to resize the remote desktop.

I tried all kinds of things, including Microsoft’s key mapper, KeyTweak, and SharpKeys. Nothing seemed to work…the Break key seemed to be disabled on this box, probably in the registry. I poked around in the registry looking for a way to re-map it.

Finally I came across this post on the Lenovo blog. It pointed out that break was mapped to Fn+P. So now I can Ctrl+Alt+Fn+P to toggle between full screen and not in remote desktop connection. Awesome. Total victory. Even if I don’t get anything else done today, this is a good day.

2011 Clownies

Yes, 2011, because I’m behind. And if you don’t mind, Ima half-ass this because otherwise it ain’t ever getting done.

Album Of The Year – There’s No 666 In Outer Space by Hella
I reviewed no five clown albums in 2011 and a handful of 4.5 clown albums. Looking over that list the one I remember liking the most was Hella’s.

Artist Of The Year – Imani Coppla
I thought I was going to go with Rick Springfield, because I reviewed so much of his stuff in 2011, but then I realized it was mostly the crap stuff. I also considered Mike Patton who, between his solo stuff and Tomahawk, had two four-clowns discs and one that was 3.5 clowns. But the artists I walk away from most excited about in 2011 was Imani Coppola. Pretty surprised, looking back, that that disc wasn’t 4.5 clowns.

Song Of The Year – “Theme From Mission Magic” by Rick Springfield
It was the Best Song Ever.

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