Vows v8

Eight years of marriage, eight updates to the vows.  This year’s addition in bold.

I promise you that I will always be the things that made you fall in love with me: honest and transparent, funny and witty, open-minded and creative, adoring.
I promise you I will never stop pampering and courting you.
I promise you will always be my muse, and I will draw daily inspiration from you.  I promise to return the favor by trying to inspire you daily.
I promise to work on being a better husband: to talk to you, to tell you what I’m feeling, and to engage in continual self-evaluation.
I promise to prioritize us, without sacrificing you or me.  I promise to always make room for us in my life, and to make sure you know when I think we need to adjust to get to the right level of us in both of our lives.
I promise to try to love the things about you that are just in your nature, such as the telltale hair monster left behind everywhere you’ve been.
I promise to make a fuss over you when you’re sick, to love you and support you and take your side when you’ve had a bad day.  I promise to listen to you tell me about your bad day and to refrain from giving you unsolicited solutions.
I promise that I will do my best to learn how we are as one, and to take into account how my mood and actions affect you.
I promise to try to recover quickly from disagreements.  I promise to do my best to stay on the high road.  And I promise to forgive and forget mistakes said and done in the heat of the moment.
I promise to be stubbornly filled with determined, creative solutions to the most gridlocked, vexing situations we encounter.
Big decisions are rare. I promise to treasure them as important milestones in our journey by making their process the best possible one. I promise you that your decisions are our decisions and to engage openly, honestly, and frankly early and continuously in the decision-making process. I promise to trust your engagement is just as open, honest, and forthcoming.
I promise you that I will help you and support you to achieve your dreams.  And I promise that, with your support, I will pursue my mine as well.  I promise never to stop taking new risks and adventures with you.
I promise you physical, emotional, and mental fidelity.  I promise that you will always be my baby that I adore completely with my mind, body, and soul, and I promise to trust that you adore me as well.
I promise to be vigilant in never letting you forget that you are the most wonderful, most beautiful woman in the world.  I promise to set the husband you, as the most wonderful, beautiful woman in the world, deserve, as the impossible ideal I will strive to be.
I promise to help our marriage embrace, not suffer, change big and small, and to give us room to work through changes and all that come with them.  I promise to emphasize fun and presence over precaution and safety more than is in my background, and I promise to never be hung-over on Mother’s Day.
I promise to strive to be present at all times.  I promise to make what I’m doing the best thing I could be doing, and to make the best thing I could be doing the thing I’m doing.
And above all, baby, I promise to be always on your team.  And I will do my best to make our team the envy of every other team at the party of life.