2013 Clownies

Remember, these are the best that I listened to and reviewed, not that were released in 2013. Eligible candidates run from The [Sister-In-Law] Christmas Coalition to Sweet Relief: A Benefit For Victoria Williams.

Album Of The Year – The Silent Majority by Life, Sex & Death
Did you know I gave Magical Mystery Tour five clowns? I didn’t remember that, either. A re-review of Satchel’s The Family also came in at five clowns, but I remember liking that less than I remember liking it back in the day, if you follow. The Silent Majority, another re-review, was the highlight of the year.

Artist Of The Year – Screaming Trees
Could have been Los Lobos, too, as I basically reviewed both bands’ excellent discographies over the course of the year.

Song Of The Year – “Julie Paradise” by Screaming Trees
Nothing jumped out from reviewing the mixes, so I’m going off of memory and calling it the final track on Screaming Trees’ Sweet Oblivion. Two categories for the boys from Ellensburg, nice job.


2012 Clownies

Album Of The Year – Give by The Bad Plus
Pretty easy. It was the only five clown CD I reviewed last year. And when I saw that that was the case, I kind of thought, yeah, that album was amazing.

Artist Of The Year – Brad
This could have been a number of artists I went after a lot this year: BR5-49, The Beatles, Tori Amos, The Bad Plus. But I reviewed all five of Brad’s albums, including one that came out last year, and they had two 4.5-clown records and two four-clown ratings as well.

Song Of The Year – “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles
Contenders were Seaweed’s “Chalk The Cracks” and “The Day Brings” by Brad, but good god, “Helter Skelter.”