Our Oceans: Our Oceans


This is boring as all balls. It’s like an entire album of “Silent Lucidity.” There’s no harmonic movement. I think these are all the same song. Sometimes the lead singer sounds like Geoff Tate, but mostly he sounds like Jeff Buckley. Much of the album sounds like Dream Theater’s slower stuff. Looking back on the last two sentences, I realize they don’t support my thesis that this sucks, but just because the dude can sing and the band can play doesn’t mean this is worth listening to. I mean, it sounds fantastic, and I guess I’ll give it an extra half-clown for that. And you’ll note there isn’t a song that gets to Hate status, but goddamn it’s just so boring, and I Hate how Meh everything is.

I Liked “Let Me,” their most upbbeat and one of the shortest ones, but I think it might have been a pity Like.

This band is Dutch.

Like: “Let Me”
“What If,” “Precarious,” “Lioness Sunrise,” “Am I Still Here?,” “Turquoise,” “Reawaken”
Dislike: “Tangled,” “Illuminate”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. What If – Jeff Buckley. Great chords at start
  2. Tangled –
  3. Precarious – Gets good with 30 seconds left
  4. Lioness Sunrise
  5. Am I Still Here?
  6. Illuminate – so boring. Geoff Tate
  7. Turquoise – trippy MIDI stuff at 2:40. Too long
  8. Let Me – Jeff Buckley. Upbeat. Maybe a pity Like
  9. Reawaken

One thought on “Our Oceans: Our Oceans

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