Deafheaven: New Bermuda


Very good. Great guitars. Incorporates many genres. Bloated. Don’t like the vocals.

There, that’s my review. I’m suffering some review constipation on this one and so I just had to push out that intro paragraph to get started. And now that I’ve written to this point, I can’t think of much more to say to expand on it.

I guess what makes it tough to review are that the tracks are so long (running from 8:23 to 10:17), each comprising a few distinct sections (thus making it hard to get handle on each track), and the vocals are just demonic banshee vocal cord shredding, which doesn’t carry any melody nor make lyrics comprehensible. So even though it’s awfully good, it’s hard to really get excited by it.

It requires close listening to really appreciate, but due to some significantly bloated portions, you have to be very patient with some stretches in order for the close listening to pay off.

In general, I’m very much in favor of this approach where they rhapsodize some diverse segments into a single song. But some of these should have been split up and/or cut.

And then there’s the vocals, which are at that weird scream/vocal cord shredding frequency and never veer from that. That’s hard to just enjoy passively. And he doesn’t sound like a George, yet that’s his name. The guitars can only carry so much. And the rhythm guitar doesn’t need to be so relentless.

But okay there we are. Over and out.

Really Like: “Baby Blue”
“Brought To The Water,” “Luna,” “Gifts For The Earth”
Meh: “Come Back”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Brought To The Water – 8:38. like the groove at 5:45
  2. Luna – 10:14. love opening riff, relentless screaming later. almost Really Like
  3. Baby Blue – 10:07 – ends with recorded voice giving hours of road closures. Explosion at 3:20 is awesome. the centerpiece. is bloated but very good in parts.
  4. Come Back – 9:17
  5. Gifts For The Earth – 8:23 – the shortest track is almost 8.5 minutes long.

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