My Dying Bride: Feel The Misery


My Dying Bride’s Feel The Misery starts off with its best stuff. The best track is easily the first, “And My Father Left Forever,” and that song starts with these evocative lyrics:

I would have given more
I tied my children to a dying horse
Stacked up against me
The bodies heaved and stank upon their gore

Delivered at midtempo, which is breakneck compared to My Dying Bride’s typically deliberate but compelling pace, you feel like the band may have outdone themselves even at their own game. Unfortunately, that track is the high point.I don’t want to say things go downhill from there, as I like seven of the eight tracks, none of which are bad, but they do notch down to a lower plateau. Things maintain a pretty high standard into the third track, “A Cold New Curse,” but about two thirds of the way into that song things slow to a crawl that will test even the most high person’s patience.

For a band that traffics in such long, slow music, they do an impressive job of keeping things different and interesting. I can look through the track list and, even if I can’t pick up a melody from the song title, I can recall the mood of most tracks. And of course those moods are nuances of horrifically depressed, but still, those nuances are memorable. I wouldn’t have imagined there was so much space in this mode in which to be creative, but My Dying Bride finds it.

The CD closes with the worst track in the collection, “Within A Sleeping Forest,” as the band finally succumbs to the worst set of indulgences this kind of music can bring and drops a nearly 11-minute forgettable track on us. But between the excellence of the opener and the slog of the closer, there are plenty of nice moments. “A Cold New Curse,” when it’s not itself a slog, is powerful, and the title track is a highlight as well. Instrumentation is varied and the sound is great. Inconsistency, though, is the hardest part about this one.

Mix: “And My Father Left Forever”
Like: “To Shiver In Empty Halls,” “A Cold New Curse,” “Feel The Misery,” “A Thorn Of Misery,” “I Celebrate Your Skin,” “I Almost Loved You”
Meh: “Within A Sleeping Forest”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. And My Father Left Forever – 9:22. “I tied my children to a dying horse”
  2. To Shiver In Empty Halls –
  3. A Cold New Curse – 9:16. really slow parts are too slow and sparse,  but the rest is good, especially the strings (synths natch) at the end
  4. Feel The Misery – the descending strings (synths natch) do a few notes of “Moon River”
  5. A Thorn Of Wisdom –
  6. I Celebrate Your Skin –
  7. I Almost Loved You –
  8. Within A Sleeping Forest – 10:42

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