Los Lobos: Gates Of Gold


One of the things I really love about Los Lobos is that they always seem to be able to put together a great melting pot of an album consisting of songs from a variety of genres ranging from straight up rock and roll to experimental avant-garde to traditional Mexican folk music. True to that form, on Gates Of Gold, the highlights are forays into new-to-me material for the band like cumbia 2.0 (“Poquito Para Aqui”) (at least I think it’s cumbia because it sounds like what I think of when I think of cumbia and it sounds like they sing “cumbia” at one point) and In A Silent Way-era fusion (“When We Were Free”).

After that, though, the album kind of feels mailed in. I mean, it’s all Likes with a few Mehs, so it’s hard to complain. It’s a quality disc from a quality band, but these guys are old now and this album feels like it. There isn’t a lot here that excites me or that I want to come back to. No, it just makes me want to go listen to their older stuff.

Like: “Made To Break Your Heart,” “When We Were Free”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Made To Break Your Heart – “Love was …” Great part near end where massive distorted guitar comes in and adds a completely new feel
  2. When We Were Free – soul, jazz
  3. Mis-Treater Boogie Blues – good, straightforward rock
  4. There I Go – cool effect on his voice, very mellow
  5. Too Small Heart – meh straightforward rock. Drum line reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire”
  6. Poquito Para Aqui – cumbia
  7. Gates Of Gold –
  8. La Tumba Sera El Final – mellow
  9. Song Of The Sun
  10. I Believed You So –
  11. Magdalena –

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