Dovetail Joint: 001


I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it as long it keeps getting reinforced, but this is why I keep listening to previously unheard music as voraciously as I do. It happens less and less frequently, but a great discovery is just so damned uplifting and reaffirms beauty in music for me.

001 goes down like a fresh drink of ice water on a hot day. It’s so clean and pure, you can guzzle away greedily, and it only leaves you feeling refreshed. It’s like a cool rock n’ roll shower after a sweaty, productive day. It’s straight-forward guitar-driven rock with clean vocals and a tight verse-chorus-verse structure. What grabs you are the melodies and the use of well-placed pedal distortion to move the song along with selective emphasis. It’s easy to get into but doesn’t get tiresome.

You know who this reminds me of…Jump, Little Children, and in particular their Magazine album. That album was a little more adventurous, but the vocal qualities are similar and you have well-written soft-loud songs that reward first and subsequent listens. There’s also the matter that they both came along as discoveries several years after they’d been out in the wild, but I think the main similarities are musical.

And there’s just not a clunker in the group. It’s only ten songs, probably less than 40 minutes, and you just want to listen to the whole damned thing all the way through. In 1999 many bands would have tacked on six mediocre to crappy songs just because they could, or wanted to show some range, but the closest you get to that here is the fine but too long album closer “Lullaby.”

So, yeah, when something comes along that’s this well written, produced, engineered, and packaged, I don’t want to spend a lot of time analyzing it. I just freaking love it. Treat yo’self and give it a listen or two.

Mix: “Boy,” “Oh My God”
Really Like: 
“Beautiful,” “Level On The Inside”
Like: “So Graciously Said,” “Except When You’re Late,” “Here We Are,” “Afraid,” “This Is My Home,” “Lullaby”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Beautiful – features some “pew pew” lasers
  2. Level On The Inside – beautiful
  3. So Graciously Said –
  4. Boy –
  5. Except When You’re Late – lyrics are about how he’s totally in love with her…except when she’s late
  6. Here We Are –
  7. Oh My God – “If Oh My God is what’s your name” This is like what Hootie And The Blowfish wanted to be like on their best days. It does have that Southern feel a la Hootie or Jump, Little Children
  8. Afraid –
  9. This Is My Home –
  10. Lullaby –

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