Love Spit Love: Trysome Eatone


Hey did you know that this band features Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs? Well if you didn’t, Butler will tell you himself as part of the lyrics on this album. “Believe” features the line “Richard’s not at home,” and on “Friends” you even get his last name included in the lyrics.

Also, if you’re like me, you always thought the best part of The Psychedelic Furs was their name. Even their biggest hit, “Pretty In Pink,” was basically a non-event in the universe I inhabit. It was on the soundtrack, yeah, but I never heard it on the radio or heard anybody humming it. It’s completely forgettable.

And I have no idea why Richard and his brother Tim needed to disband one yawn of a band to start basically the same exact band. The best thing I can say about this album is I can kind of hear what other people would like in it. The production is excellent, providing lots of great timbres and atmosphere and layers and places to get lost in.

But man, then there’s the songs. They’re mostly inoffensive but boring, but then when you add in that goddamned nasally British whine (I guess this is Richard Butler’s britpop album…the timing’s almost right, if late by a year or two) it’s just a giant turn off.

Two clowns might be generous, but I can tell there’s something here that appeals to a lot of other people, a nice variation in just how the boring-ness is achieved, and, like I said, good production.

Like: “More Than Money”
“Long Long Time,” “Believe,” “Friends,” “Fall On Tears,” “Little Fist,” “It Hurts When I Laugh,” “Sweet Thing,” “All God’s Children,” “November 5”
Dislike: “Well Well Well,” “7 Years”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Long Long Time – starts cool, like a song by The Who
  2. Believe – heavier. “Richard’s not at home”
  3. Well Well Well – pretty annoying
  4. Friends – mentions his full name here, really likes referring to himself in the third person
  5. Fall On Tears – chorus is super repetitive
  6. Little Fist – some more aggressiveness here, with a really tricky rhythm
  7. It Hurts When I Laugh –
  8. 7 Years –
  9. Sweet Thing – probably the heaviest one. darkest track, too
  10. All God’s Children –
  11. More Than Money – pretty heavy, too. very Britpoppy
  12. November 5 – Guy Fawkes day. jazzy chords at start then gets VERY Janes Addiction-y. “Mary, Mark, and John”

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