Foals: What Went Down


I was first introduced to Foals in 2008, at SP20, Sub Pop’s 20th Anniversary concert, when they were performing off their debut album, Antidotes. I’ve always kind of mixed them up with a couple other bands I was introduced to at those concerts, too. One is The Helio Sequence, who also released an album this summer that I reviewed. That makes sense, since they’re both kind of moody electronic bands. The other band is No Age, but only because I think the cover art for Antidotes looks like what No Age sounded like at that concert.

Anyhoo, Foals is on Warner Bros. now and this is their fourth album. Unfortunately, while the band is pretty good at starting off their songs with a good hook and some cool sounds, they can very rarely turn it into a legitimately good song. The album is 48 minutes long, and they really have about enough material to fill half of that.

It’s fine, and if I had a friend who was all like “Hey man on Saturday do you want to go see Foals for like $20?” I’d be like “Yeah let’s go” and I’d probably have a good time. But I don’t see a whole lot of reasons to spend much more time on these guys, at least not with this release. Honestly, I have two songs with notes below, and that’s basically my detailed review.


Like: “What Went Down,” “Mountain At My Gates,” “Albatross,” “Snake Oil,” “Night Swimmers,” “London Thunder”
Meh: “Birch Tree,” “Give It All,” “Lonely Hunter,” “A Knife In The Ocean”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. What Went Down –
  2. Mountain At My Gates –
  3. Birch Tree –
  4. Give It All –
  5. Albatross –
  6. Snake Oil –
  7. Night Swimmers – great, upbeat start
  8. London Thunder – slow and moody
  9. Lonely Hunter –
  10. A Knife In The Ocean – 6:53

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