Failure: Comfort

comfortFailure is one of those revered bands from the 90’s that somehow completely passed me by until about 15 years after they’d folded. (Natch they have a new album out this year, though.) I think part of it is that their second album, which is the first of what are considered their two peak albums, was released in 1994, when I was just starting to tune out of new artists cuz they were all like Bush and shit like that. I reviewed that one, Magnified, over at an old place and gave it 3.5 clowns, though I remember liking it 4 – 4.5 clowns worth. (NB: For the last several months I’ve been resisting the half-clown trying to only use them as tie-breakers, because I’d spend too much time debating between, say, 3 and 3.5 clowns, and that’s just a waste.)

Anyway, this is the band’s debut, and directly precedes what’s considered to be the band’s peak. So while I might have had some exposure to this in 1992–I was pretty on top of the new artists game at that point and this was right in my wheel house, being produced by Steve Albini at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN (a formula that worked pretty well for Nirvana’s In Utero)–I don’t think it made much of a dent in the music scene at all. Which is kind of a shame because this is a great album, too.

A lot of what I said about this album’s successor rings true here, too. It’s very grunge-influenced, in the drop-tuning, and there’s a bit of a same-key problem, though less so with the same-tempo thing this time around. And they could maybe trim a little intro/outro on some of these songs, especially the few weird quiet sound outros that must have been in between tracks in the CD era, but man, when they hit the groove hard on the Really Likes, just turn it up, ride the wave, and all is forgiven.

Really, though, I have no complaints. It just doesn’t have any songs that stand alone strongly enough to put onto a mix. Probably a fantastic album to listen to stoned.

Really Like: “Submission,” “Screen Man,” “Princess,” “Salt Wound”
“Macaque,” “Something,” “Swallow,” “Muffled Snaps,” “KIndred,” “Pro-Catastrophe”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Submission –
  2. Macaque –
  3. Something –
  4. Screen Man –
  5. Swallow –
  6. Muffled Snaps –
  7. Kindred –
  8. Pro-Catastrophe –
  9. Princess – very Queens Of The Stone Age. I can’t place the exact song this one sounds like, but QOTSA’s first recording was 1996, so ….
  10. Salt Wound –

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