metziiToronto’s METZ are one intimidating blast of deafening, distorted, mid-range frequencies. Yeah, there’s some bass there, but mostly it’s splashy cymbals, a white noise guitar, and the nodule-inducing screams of some kind of nihilistic statement like “you let me down,” “spit you out,” or “nervous system.”

At ten tracks, one of which is only 34 seconds long (“Zzyzx”), this album can’t be much more than 30 minutes long, if that. And yet, it’s an excellent gauge of your mood to find out just where you start to fatigue in a listen. If I’m really in the mood for this kind of intensity, I can make it to track eight or so, and if I’m having a more mellow day I might meet my match at the start of track five.

I like just about every song on here, and it’s really nice to hear bands still making music with loud, distorted guitars. However, beyond being a nihilistic punk statement turned up to 11, there’s not much more to say about it.

Really Like: “Spit You Out,” “I.O.U.”
Like: “Acetate,” “The Swimmer,” “Landfill,” “Nervous System,” “Wait In Line,” “Kicking A Can Of Worms”
Meh: “Zzyzx,” “Eyes Peeled”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Acetate –
  2. The Swimmer – “You leeeet meee dooowwn”
  3. Spit You Out –
  4. Zzyzx – noises, talking
  5. I.O.U. –
  6. Landfill –
  7. Nervous System –
  8. Wait In Line –
  9. Eyes Peeled –
  10. Kicking A Can Of Worms – at 4:19 it’s an epic song for this album.

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