Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl

cornflakegirls“Cornflake Girl” was Tori Amos’ first single from Under The Pink. For the single, she packaged it a couple of very good tracks and one that was half-baked.

The half-baked song is the third track, “Daisy Dead Petals,” and it’s got potential as a whimsical little romp through the piano fields, but the verses are just biding time until the chorus and the bridge.

“Sister Janet” is Amos going after some of the themes she’d really blow open on Boys For Pele and much of her later work. There are shamans, blades, angels, wizards, and all kinds of esoteric references throughout a moody, harmony-heavy tune where Amos expertly creates a propulsive flow that belies the fact she’s only using her piano and her voice.  I keep going back and forth between Like and Really Like, so I’ll be interested to see what I write below.

The disc closer, “Honey,” is the track from this disc that’s had a very successful life as a fan- and Amos-favorite in her concerts. Western-themed in its lyrics, it also features what sounds like a steel-stringed guitar along with some synth strings and Amos’ piano. It’s sultry and even moodier than “Sister Janet.” I like it quite a bit, but I have to part ways with Amos and the fanbase here and say that if there’s a B-side here that stands above the others, it’s “Sister Janet.” (Though “Honey” has the best lyrics.)

Really Like: “Cornflake Girl,” “Sister Janet”
Like: “Honey”
Meh: “Daisy Dead Petals”
Filed Between: Tori Amos’ Under The Pink and God single


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