Sleater-Kinney: Live At Lollapalooza, August 4, 2006

liveatlollaSo, I was originally gonna start this review off with a comment like, “I’m not sure why this exists,” and we’ll get into that, but given that the image above states that its for Blues Traveler on August 6th, two days after this performance by Sleater-Kinney, I think that answers my question. I mean, I found images for other bands like Editors and deadboy & The Elephantmen, too, but not one for Sleater-Kinney. So I think it’s safe to assume that this exists simply because Sleater-Kinney performed at this festival and they made some kind of digital release for many if not all of the bands there.

And here I thought it might be some document of the band’s “last” show (before their recent reunion). That was what I thought it must be (and heck it might be) because it’s the only thing that would give it enough specialness to warrant even a digital-only release of such a mediocre recording. It’s fine, it just seems like it could be any show (and it probably was). It’s three songs, two from the band’s final (before their hiatus) album The Woods, which wasn’t that great, and a final one from their masterpiece Dig Me Out.

The performances are fine, and the song ratings fall in line with what you’d expect from their album ratings, just kind of slid down the scale based on, you know, being live songs. But the MC really brings things down. On his intro to “The Fox,” he calls the band “these girls,” describes their shows as “nothing but a party,” and asks the crowd to “twist and shout and work it on out.” It’s so ridiculously tone deaf as to what I think of Sleater-Kinney (I mean, “girls,” for crying out loud). He comes on to do a nearly-as-bad outro for the band, but good God who is this doofus and why couldn’t we have eliminated him from the recording if not the entire concert? When I went to Lollapaloozas back when it was a touring thing, I don’t remember there being a giant douche of an MC on the stage.

Anyway, this is forgettable, just a document of an average show with excellent source material and some douchey MC.

Song Notes:
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  1. The Fox – from The Woods
  2. Entertain – from The Woods
  3. Turn It On – got mix rating on Dig Me Out

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