Aerosmith: Greatest Hits

aerosmithgreatesthitsI just don’t know what to make of Aerosmith. This is something I documented thoroughly back when I reviewed, and was meh’d by, what are considered the band’s two greatest albums: Toys In The Attic and Rocks, both of which are represented here. And, of course the band has been all kinds of crap ever since Get A Grip, but this…I just can’t get over how so very close to perfect this album is. And I don’t even like greatest hits albums as a general rule. I mean, the worst song is their cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together,” and that’s basically an Aerosmith song penned by The Beatles.

One way to get to the bottom of this mystery would be to go study Aerosmith’s entire 1970’s catalog. That might turn out to be enjoyable. But I’m not really willing to take that risk. I might be willing to give Draw The Line a chance given how much I like the song of the same name and “Kings And Queens.” Maybe the self-titled debut because “Dream On.” But no further! Life is too short.

So, lacking that comprehensive review, I’m just going to surmise that over the course of five albums they created ten songs that were all really good and went well together and kind of stumbled in a cocaine-induced haze onto this album.

This is a wonderful 37-minute collection that makes you want to go listen to more Aerosmith. In 2004 they released a 68-minute version that probably makes you want to pull out all your pubes in madness, but I’m not gonna try.

Mix: “Dream On,” “Walk This Way”
Love: “Draw The Line,” “Kings And Queens”
Really Like: “Remember (Walking In The Sand)”
Like: “Same Old Song And Dance,” “Sweet Emotion,” “Last Child,” “Back In The Saddle,’ “Come Together”
Filed Between: Aerosmith’s Rocks and Permanent Vacation
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Dream On – from Aerosmith – i often confuse this with “Sweet Emotion,” but this is so, so much better.
  2. Same Old Song And Dance – from Get Your Wings
  3. Sweet Emotion – from Toys In The Attic – despite the cheesy revival they had with this and thus its soiling with late-era Aerosmith, this is still a really good song
  4. Walk This Way – from Toys In The Attic – such an amazing song. They did a good remake with Run D.M.C., too, and I think that gave them too much confidence and hubris heading into the next phase of their career
  5. Last Child – from Rocks – that repeating blues riff limits its likeability. the prechorus is meh. The solo is great.
  6. Back In The Saddle – from Rocks – great start
  7. Draw The Line – from Draw The Line
  8. Kings And Queens – from Draw The Line
  9. Come Together – the Beatles cover
  10. Remember (Walking In The Sand) – from Night In The Ruts

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