Flipper: American Grafishy

americangrafishyMy first reaction upon listening to this was, “This is the band Melvins is so into?” I guess this is kind of the second reincarnation of the band after vocalist and bassist Will Shatter (as far as I can tell that’s his completely awesome real name) died of a drug overdose (I think that might be the subject of “Full Speed Ahead”), so maybe that explains it, but now I can totally see how Melvins would be into these guys. I’m not quite sure why they’d revere them, but fine, Melvins liking these guys isn’t anywhere near unusual.
They just don’t sound all that much like Melvins. They’re a very sloppy punk with somewhat catchy tunes and vocals that, well, let’s just say “sung” is a bit of a generous term. More often than not, the singer changes pitch by shouting louder. There’s also an off-key aspect of his vocals, but in a way that I like, kind of like Chuck Mosley of Faith No More or some U.M.A. songs (remember those guys? awesome).
The sloppiness is also a bit noisy, but not in a super abrasive way. You’ve just got heavily distorted bass and heavily distorted guitar playing very different riffs while being mixed about equally kind of in time with less-than-precise drumming. It’s great, just really loose, which is, of course, what I think they were going for.
Anyway, there you go. Flipper. American Grafishy doesn’t have a single track that I love, but I really like half of it and the other half doesn’t have a bad track on it, either. Four clowns.

Really Like: “We’re Not Crazy,” “Fucked Up Once Again,” “Exist Or Else,” “It Pays To Know,” “Full Speed Ahead”
Like: “Someday,” “Flipper Twist,” “May The Truth Be Known,” “Distant Illusion,” “Telephone”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Someday – the whisper part probably keeps it from ‘really like’
  2. Flipper Twist -fun, just a bit to long. the “to me it’s crap” really reminds me of U.M.A.’s vocal style
  3. May The Truth Be Known – gangland vox, so that’s cool
  4. We’re Not Crazy –
  5. Fucked Up Once Again – starts off low and slow, really broody. gets awesome.
  6. Exist Or Else – candidate for best track
  7. Distant Illusion –
  8. Telephone – people were writing songs ranting about answering machines in 1993. don’t believe me? this song is proof
  9. It Pays To Know –
  10. Full Speed Ahead – is this about drugs? maybe the best track on the album.

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