Medicine: Shot Forth Self Living

shotforthselflivingI feel like if you’re gonna do the My Bloody Valentine, waves of noise guitar, shoegaze thing, you not only have to be able to do the waves of noise thing right but you also have to have some compelling songs within and around those parts. Medicine does the crazy noisy thing really well, but their songs are only halfway to awesome, clocking in more around the “fine” point.

The really interesting thing about this record is that Medicine gets the part right that I think is more unusual to get right. It’s easy to be noisy, but it’s hard to be really interestingly musical while you’re at it. Medicine, though, is second to none in that category. It’s just that for the rest of it, they can’t quite seem to decide who they are. Part of this is the dual lead singer thing, and so you just can’t get a sense of what the band’s thrust is. I have to imagine there are multiple songwriters and possibly even the second guitarist getting a little too much say in parts as well.

I’m confident that the first and last tracks on the album are very likeable. “Miss Drugstore,” though, I’m less sure of …I think I may have just been trying to call out one of the better tracks in a sea of mediocrity.

It’s a debut album, and the band clearly has some good instincts about sound and plenty of skill. As such, it ends up being more promising then disappointing. Probably not something I’ll come back to a lot, but I’d be curious to hear how the rest of their discography shakes out.

Like: “One More,” “Miss Drugstore,” “Christmas Song”
Meh: “Aruca,” “Defective,” “A Short Happy Life,” “5ive,” “Sweet Explosion,” “Queen Of Tension”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. One More – guitar is nice. bass could be more interesting. over nine minutes.
  2. Aruca – starts with some aggressive industrial distortion that is the one place where they don’t do noisy well.
  3. Defective – like a Love And Rockets feel here. More in the vox than the guitar. Fine.
  4. A Short Happy Life – Maybe one of the better ones, but still not quite like.
  5. 5ive – Like a Teenage Fanclub thing here.
  6. Sweet Explosion – getting closer to hate. It’s like half a song. Probs my least fave.
  7. Queen Of Tension – gets wacky, and that’s the best part. maybe up to like on this. nah, takes to long to get to wacky part. really just don’t like this female vocalist.
  8. Miss Drugstore –
  9. Christmas Song – 8:33.

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