Sonic Youth: Sonic Youth

sonicyouthWell this makes three albums in a row that have been debuts where the band basically came out of the womb sounding like their much more mature selves. The main difference between Sonic Youth’s first release and that of Melvins and Led Zeppelin is that this one isn’t very good.

Which is to be expected. I mean, I don’t know what kind of deal Sonic Youth made with the devil in order to let their noodly, noisy experiments elevate so high above the sum of their parts, but they clearly hadn’t made that deal yet in 1982. Everything’s there: the reverbed-out repetitive guitar, the rudimentary bass line, Kim Gordon’s breathy vocals delivering abstruse lyrics. It’s just not magic yet.

I can get through this without getting too bored or upset with the quality. Still, it’s more of a historical document than an enjoyable listen.

This, of course, has been re-released with an ancient concert tacked on to it. Screw that, I’m reviewing the original five songs EP.

Meh: “I Dreamed I Dream,” “She Is Not Alone,” “I Don’t Want To Push It,” “The Good And The Bad”
Hate: “The Burning Spear”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. The Burning Spear – Sounds like this should be the “Hard At Work” song. It’s got this workaday plodding bassline thing at the start. And then the “singing” is really annoying.
  2. I Dreamed I Dream –
  3. She Is Not Alone –
  4. I Don’t Want To Push It –
  5. The Good And The Bad –

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