Mercyful Fate: The Best Of Mercyful Fate

thebestofmercyfulfateThis is a lot like The Best Of King Diamond that I just reviewed. King Diamond is the lead singer of Mercyful Fate. The material here is all from before King Diamond did the solo career thing. This is better. Mostly because there’s less falsetto. But I also think the guitar work is less screechy, more crunchy. Wow, half of the songs garner a “like” rating.

Not much more to say. Travel below the fold if you want to read about lyrics about “master vaginas” and calling nuns “cunts.”

Like: “Doomed By The Living Dead,” “A Corpse Without Soul,” “Evil,” “Desecration Of Souls,” “Come To The Sabbath,” “Burning The Cross,” “Return Of The Vampire”
Meh: “Nuns Have No Fun,” “Curse Of The Pharaohs (BBC Radio 1 Session),” “Into The Coven,” “Black Funeral,” “Satan’s Fall,” “A Dangerous Meeting,” “Gypsy”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Doomed By The Living Dead – Great start
  2. A Corpse Without Soul – Less screaming on this album in general, I think, but he’s in full force here, and a touch flat. Still, song is sweet enough.
  3. Nuns Have No Fun – “C-U-N-T, That’s what you ah-are/You C-U-N-T, yeah!”
  4. Evil –
  5. Curse Of The Pharaohs (BBC Radio 1 Session) –
  6. Into The Coven –
  7. Black Funeral –
  8. Satan’s Fall – Really into this at 0:40. But then there’s another 10:40 after that. And I’m already annoyed by the falsetto at about 1:15. I always think it’s over when it goes into the slow, Queen-like part at about 8:10. But there’s still over three minutes left.
  9. A Dangerous Meeting –
  10. Desecration Of Souls – my fave I think maybe just short of love
  11. Gypsy –
  12. Come To The Sabbath – I think he’s saying something like “master to join us” but it sounds like “master vaginas”
  13. Burning The Cross – almost nine minutes.
  14. Return Of The Vampire – oh i like the start of this.

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