Electronic: Twisted Tenderness

twistedtendernessI’d never heard of Electronic before, but they’ve got quite a pedigree. It’s Johnny Marr from The Smiths along with a guy (his name’s Bernard Summer, but I’d never heard of him) from New Order. And then some collaboration with Pet Shop Boys and Kraftwerk but not on this record, which is kind of funny, because if there’s one bad this reminds me of it’s Pet Shop Boys.

Anyway, this isn’t as good as any of those bands. It mostly sucks and is way too long in the way only the 90’s could be. The original 11 tracks clock in at a total of 62 minutes, but then I’ve got three bonus tracks on this Xbox Music version that I guess combined to form the American version.

I think you can just review this group the same you review almost any supergroup. It ends up being: Hey, geez, these guys do a bunch of things well, like some good sounds here and half of a good song there, but too often this devolves into navel gazing or adding a 45-second intro because you feel like your songs should have an intro or both guys needed writing credits on all the songs or whatever.

Notably, the band does a passable cover of a song originally done by a supergroup. Have you ever heard of Blind Faith? I hadn’t. But I’d heard of some of their band members, like Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Steve Winwood. And I’d also heard their song that’s covered here, “Can’t Find My Way Home.” (“Lord I’m wasted and I/Can’t find my way home.”)

So, you know, pleasant pieces of music sprinkled unevenly throughout (mostly concentrated in the middle or at the top of the second half, actually), but for the most part, just bloated and not worth it.

Like: “Twisted Tenderness”, “Late At Night,” “Prodigal Son,” “Make It Happen (Remix)”
Meh: “Make It Happen,” “Haze,” “Vivid,” “Breakdown,” “Can’t Find My Way Home,” “King For A Day”
Hate: “Like No Other,” “When She’s Gone,” “Flicker,” “Warning Sign”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Make It Happen – [vomit]. 7:40. now not so vomity.
  2. Haze – now this is vomity. And it still ends up with “meh”
  3. Vivid – the one with the wailing harmonica.
  4. Breakdown – verses are awful. then there’s like a stone roses-y bridge-y part that’s just like “breakdown” 25 times in a row. Almost goes into Hate territory because too repetitive.
  5. Can’t Find My Way Home – Of course super famous, but do you know who it’s by? Blind Faith. WTF? They do a nice job with this one.
  6. Twisted Tenderness – feels very pet shop boys, at least at start. then it goes into a sweet, seductive verse that’s, in its tones, very minimal, though the percussion (machine) is going nutso underneath. 5:40 so it’s more manageable than most on here but gah. Probs my fave. Might have been love without the first 49 seconds.
  7. Like No Other –
  8. Late At Night – Starts off like a rocker. Oh god it’s only 4:15.
  9. Prodigal Son – Got a dreamy sitar “within you, without you” kinda vibe. Over seven minutes long. definitely like parts of it (I say halfway through).
  10. When She’s Gone – Got some fey duh duh duh female vox at start. Again, like only 4:30 long. wtf? starts off cool then falls apart. So maybe I need a new category: dislike. Or let’s just decide where dislike goes…meh or hate? I think hate. Yeah. Good up until the first “When she’s gone” to lead off the first chorus, but the resolution to that stinks and it’s downhill from there.
  11. Flicker – “but I still can’t find my way home”. Awfully lame dismay about state of, what, media?
  12. King For A Day – Quite like the start.
  13. Warning Sign – ugh. When it’s not annoying it’s boring.
  14. Make It Happen (Remix) – I like what the remixer did, but the source material is a bit weak.

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