Retox: Ugly Animals


Why drive a Chevy to a broken levy?
– “Stick A Fork In It”

So apparently powerviolence is a genre, an extreme form of hardcore. And, amazingly, this extreme assault of upper-mid-range frequencies, incredibly fast guitars, and screaming vocals is growing on me. It helps that the 11-song “album” is just a hair over 11 minutes long. (No, really, I added it up, it’s 662 seconds.)

Misanthropic, sometimes juvenilely so, lyrics and their aforementioned presentation make it a difficult listen, particularly at first, but the math rock rhythms keep things varied and interesting enough. You’ll even notice, as you spend more time with the album, that there are timbre and tempi changes throughout, which also provide nice respites. Some feeback here and some slowed-down crunchiness there, even for a few seconds (which, after all, on an 11-minute album can take up a significant percentage of the disc) greatly increase the enjoyment level.

– “Thirty Cents Shy Of A Quarter,” “Boredom Is Counter-revolutionary,” “Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag,” “Piss Elegant”
– “The World Is Ending And It’s About Time,” “A Bastard On Father’s Day,” “A Funeral On Christmas Sunday,” “Stick A Fork In It,” “Cement Sucking,” “A Captive Audience,” “Sorry We Are Just Not Compatible”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. The World Is Ending And It’s About Time – 62 seconds. cool distorted guit five-note riff.
  2. Thirty Cents Shy Of A Quarter – Like a surf guitar delay effect at 0:40 – ~1:00. Double kick drum. 70 seconds.
  3. A Bastard On Father’s Day – very fast, crooked, math rock rhythms at start. 57 seconds. Goes all over the place on this track.
  4. A Funeral On Christmas Sunday – 84 seconds.
  5. Stick A Fork In It – 48 seconds. Great lyrics. “Bye bye American pie/You screwed every other guy/Why drive a Chevy to a broken levy/Mrs. Pie is totally dry”
  6. Cement Sucking – 39 seconds. The last 15 seconds are awesome.
  7. Boredom Is Counter-revolutionary – 101 seconds! starts with a few seconds of radio tuning then like 15 seconds of high-pitched feedback
  8. Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag – 66 seconds
  9. A Captive Audience – 49 seconds
  10. Sorry We Are Just Not Compatible – 49 seconds
  11. Piss Elegant – omg, this is one hundred thirty-five seconds! Maybe my fave.

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