Sleater-Kinney: Get Up

getupJumping out of order here as I realized Xbox Music had this single from the disappointing The Hot Rock. “Get Up” doesn’t really bug me that much, and even on my earlier review I conceded it was close to open, but I gave it broken then so it gets it again here.

“By The Time You’re Twenty Five” [sic] is another one where if I pay attention during the right parts I dig it pretty well, but if I perk up during the out of key whiny part I’m pretty upset. Thankfully the first 75% of the song is dominated by the better parts, so, even though the last 25% is just meh, this borderline track gets an open heart.

“Tapping” is simultaneously the best (no really annoying parts) and worst (lackluster) song on the single.

Two clowns may be high, but I don’t want to spend too much time debating it with myself.

– “By The Time You’re Twenty Five,” “Tapping”
– “Get Up”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Get Up – I think I had this broken from The Hot Rock
  2. By The Time You’re Twenty-Five – too whiny
  3. Tapping –

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