Sugar: Beaster

beasterThis stuff was all recorded during the Copper Blue sessions, just not making the cut for that album. The tracks here are far more varied than that debut album, which I criticized for being too same-y and for having everything too in your face in the mix, which is also not (as much of) a problem here.

However, the songs are way less hooky, which of course makes sense since they didn’t make that single-riffic album. And they also could have used a significant amount of editing, especially to cut down on the girth. These six songs take more than 30 minutes to get through, and the opener, “Come Around,” which buries the lead guitar under repetitive rhythm guitar, hardly needs to be here at all.

In fact, if this had just been tracks two through four, maybe with either “Come Around” or “Walking Away” tacked on as a fourth-track closer, this is probably an easy 3.5 clowns, and I might have even found a way to get it up to a full four.

– “Tilted”
– “Come Around,” “Judas Cradle,” “JC Auto,” “Walking Away”
– “Feeling Better”
Filed Between: Sublime (Sublime) and Suicidal Tendencies (How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today)
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Come Around – What is this doing first? I think he thinks it’s like a mood setter, and it is a mood piece, but it’s mostly just a boring mood. I think it would work last, but “Walking Away” works there. Maybe just leave it off…this is kind of a long EP, both length- and song-wise, as it is.
  2. Tilted – Would have been a much better track one.
  3. Judas Cradle –
  4. JC Auto – Here’s the Copper Blue thing where it’s just too much. Yet this is maybe the best song on the album. Would have been full if it weren’t over six freaking minutes. Just. Too. Much.
  5. Feeling Better – Okay in parts, but that horn is a little too Phil Collins.
  6. Walking Away –

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