The Rentals: Return Of The Rentals

returnoftherentals“Friends Of P.,” the hit single from this, the debut album by The Rentals, a band fronted by Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, is the only song you can’t get as part of your subscription content to Xbox Music and Spotify. Which is kind of a big middle finger, but I can kind of understand it since the rest of the album sucks and who the hell would pay for it? On the other hand, I can’t imagine “Friends Of P.” being good enough to save this album from its levels of pure suckage.

The keyboard sounds are deliciously retro, due to the band’s featuring of a Moog. However, unlike The Cars, a Moog-heavy band this band is compared to a lot, The Rentals forgot to write any songs. All but one of the nine tracks that is included on here are either boring or annoying, sometimes both. The annoying is almost always due to the insistence on them including a female vocalist who is maddeningly off-key.

The full heart is generous. This is crap.

– “Please Let That Be You”
– “The Love I’m Searching For,” “Waiting,” “My Summer Girl,” “Sweetness And Tenderness”
– “Move On,” “Brilliant Boy,” “Naive,” “These Days”
Not included – “Friends Of P.”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. The Love I’m Searching For –
  2. Waiting – Nice start, but as soon as he starts singing I get pretty annoyed, not to mention the off-key and too-up-front-in-the-mix “ooh ooh ooh” female fox.
  3. Friends Of P.
  4. Move On –
  5. Please Let That Be You – first song on here I like. too long, though…gets repetitive at the end.
  6. My Summer Girl – nice start.
  7. Brilliant Boy – repetitive.
  8. Naive – oh boy weezer here. I mean, I swear the verses are right off the debut. Cool drumming, though. And there’s that off-key singing again. Ugh.
  9. These Days – Not awful, mostly harmless, but also incredibly boring.b
  10. Sweetness and Tenderness –

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