The Stone Roses: Second Coming

secondcomingAnother one of those crazy-hyped bands from the UK that failed to get anywhere near the hype in the U.S., The Stone Roses at least bring the refreshing aspect of ripping off The Rolling Stones (see the band’s name and the album cover recalling Exile On Main St.) instead of The Beatles. But they’ve got that same snot-nosed swagger and attitude that is so immediately in your face starting with the album title.

So anyway, this is The Rolling Stones with a guitar player who’s way more dynamic and melodic than Keith Richards and a singer who’s like Mick Jagger with no personality (i.e., nothing at all like Mick Jagger). Also sometimes they add some Beatles-esque elements like tape loops and sitar as well as more modern elements like drum machines and crazy electronic effects on their guitars.

And, yeah, they’re pretty good. I remember “Love Spreads” being a single I’d heard, but it was not metal or humble enough for me back in the day. It’s awesome, though; easily the best song on this album. Just shy of being a mix CD candidate due to being too long. I wish they’d trim some of the tracks and cut a few others (here we are a few years after Nevermind and bands are still doing that noise/experiment track at the end of their albums (“Foz”)). I wish they’d sequenced things differently, as the last seven tracks are vastly superior to the first six, and what’s up with opening with an 11-plus-minute track that leads off with a few minutes of swamp sounds? But hell, when these guys get it right, as they do on the full hearts, you can see why they were the band to receive that year’s requisite pump-up by the British music media.

– “Driving South,” “Ten Storey Love Song,” “Begging You,” “Good Times,” “How Do You Sleep,” “Love Spreads”
– “Breaking Into Heaven,”  “Daybreak,” “Your Star Will Shine,” “Straight To The Man,” “Tightrope,” “Tears”
– “Foz”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Breaking Into Heaven –
  2. Driving South – Full heart may be generous, but it is one of the better songs on the album.
  3. Ten Storey Love Song – sounds like a traditional Irish song at start
  4. Daybreak –
  5. Your Star Will Shine – And here’s the requisite Beatles song for these hyped British bands. Does the sitar thing, backwards tape thing, ugh.
  6. Straight To The Man –
  7. Begging You – sweet use of drum machine, sequencers, a bit ahead of its time. Chemical Brothers-esque.
  8. Tightrope –
  9. Good Times – Starts off slow with the woman scorned thing, but gets pretty cool shortly thereafter.
  10. Tears – Takes a really long time to get going. Over two minutes. And the whole song is nearly seven minutes. Would give the second half of the track a full heart, spesh that guit solo, but just not enough going on around it to warrant that.
  11. How Do You Sleep –
  12. Love Spreads –
  13. Foz – 90’s goof off track

One thought on “The Stone Roses: Second Coming

  1. The stone roses are my favorite band, but I agree that this album is heavily flawed, though it does have some awesome moments. Their debut album is incredible from start to finish though. And check out their B-sides collection, Turns into Stone. Lots of amazing songs there too, all from their early years.

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