Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Beileid

beileidBohren certainly isn’t for everybody. They are slow and quiet. I mean they are really slow, as if they’re in some kind of slow contest for slow people. Amirite? But I’ve been a fan, especially of their 2008 Ipecac release Dolores. Unfortunately, three years later Beileid is a big fat miss. Well, it’s not that big: it’s only three tracks spread over 35 minutes [sic].

Whereas before, the fact that the music was slow and ambient didn’t seem to prevent it from being interesting, here there’s just nothing, kind of like a nature sounds CD or a Windham Hill something something. And when they do add something, like vocals (by Mike Patton, no less) in a cover of a metal song on “Catch My Heart,” it ends up being a mess with the instruments battling the vocals in a fight where you don’t want either one to win, and neither does.

“Zombies Never Die (Blues)” is harmless/boring and “Beileid” gets nice at the end but takes too long to get there.

– “Zombies Never Die (Blues),” “Beileid”
– “Catch My Heart”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Zombies Never Die (Blues) – only like 7:30
  2. Catch My Heart – 13:15. Patton’s on this one. Not awful, but not very good.
  3. Beileid – 14:20 roughly. Nice by the end but it’s a full 6:30 before they introduce a new color.

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