Front End Loader: Front End Loader

frontendloaderIt’s been a while since I’ve been introduced to a band that I liked as much as this one. This is the Australia band’s 1993 debut, and it bodes well for the rest of their career (still chugging along as far as I can tell) that it’s so good. It’s 14 wonderful tracks of gritty pop punk with clever lyrics that reminds me of Seaweed and All at its most melodic and D.R.I. at its thrashiest. Full of energy and hooks, this is a wonder to listen to. Most songs are about two minutes long and there’s no way this thing is over much more than 35 minutes.

The main criticism I have is the sound, but that may be an artifact of these being MP3s on Xbox Music instead of a CD because the distortion due to high levels is so egregious and not in the loudness wars stylistic way that’s so popular right now, that I can’t believe it was actually released sounding like that. The only other thing I think is weird is that they put the four worst songs right at the top of the album. They’re still pretty good songs, it’s just weird that the album only really gets going with the first two mixers at tracks five and seven and then really comes down the home stretch strongly at track ten. Not sure if it’s even a bad choice, just an odd one.

Mix: “Furthest Place Away,” “Really Major Melody,” “Sniffy,” “Me To Know,” “All Star Jam”
– “I.G.,” “Puppy Love,” “My Side,” “Helicopter,” “Fucking Great,” “Bad Blood,” “Fraid Knot,” “Cheers”
– “Weak As Piss”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. I.G. – or Indian Giver, well that’s kind of offensive
  2. Puppy Love –
  3. Weak As Piss –
  4. My Side –
  5. Furthest Place Away – Very Seaweed
  6. Helicopter – instrumental? some shouting over gunfire about two-thirds through.
  7. Really Major Melody – Drums are amazing on this one. and then at the end the wah wah guitar. good lord.
  8. Fucking Great –
  9. Bad Blood – about halfway through this song is where the album goes from very good to great
  10. Sniffy –
  11. Me To Know –
  12. All Star Jam – On the fence about mixing this, but since the lyrics are about a band with Jesus, Satan, and an alien in it, it seems worthy. Not sure why I was on the fence, this is awesome.
  13. Fraid Knot –
  14. Cheers –

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