King’s X: King’s X

kingsxWho makes their fourth album their self-titled album and who puts the first single from that album ninth? King’s X, but who cares, because this album is freaking amazing from top to bottom. I bought this album back in the day, entirely based on MTV’s airplay of “Black Flag,” and it’s a totally awesome disc with no bad songs on it. I keep thinking things like that are going to happen if I just keep buying CDs. But it’s like I got spoiled and bought a ton of CDs back when most of them were awesome, and now that they’re not, well, it’s not just the convenience of digital files that made CDs obsolete. Somewhere along the line things started sucking.

The band is in peak form here. There’s nothing to complain about. Doug Pinnick’s voice is amazingly strong, and guitarist Ty Tabor’s solos are an asset as opposed to the liability they were on earlier albums. And the production is flawless. It’s kind of crazy that they parted ways with Sam Taylor after this album, since it sounds amazing. But if I do have one complaint, it’s that the music does get a little soft in parts (“Dream In My Life,” which ranges from super lame to super heavy is the perfect example of this), and they were reportedly unhappy that he could never make them as heavy on disc as they were live. But there is plenty of heavy on here.

Mix: “The World Around Me,” “Chariot Song”
– “Prisoner,” “The Big Picture,” “Lost In Germany,” “Black Flag,” “Ooh Song,” “Not Just For The Dead,” “Dream In My Life,” “Silent Wind”
– “What I Know About Love”
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Song Notes: After the jump

  1. The World Around Me –
  2. Prisoner – Pinnick totally rocking it here.
  3. The Big Picture – guitar solo on here totally rocks. almost mix.
  4. Lost In Germany –
  5. Chariot Song – Really cool how they shift into and out of swing low sweet chariot for just a minute.
  6. Ooh Song –
  7. Not Just For The Dead – a touch of sitar
  8. What I Know About Love –
  9. Black Flag – Who puts their first single ninth?
  10. Dream In My Life – Pretty lame until it gets to the crunch part, which is awesome. Makes it full, though? Yeah.
  11. Silent Wind –

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