King’s X: Faith Hope Love

King's_X_Faith_Hope_LoveKing’s X fully arrives on their third album, with pretty much start-to-finish awesomeness. The guitar solos are no longer liabilities as they were on Gretchen Goes To Nebraska. The songs are tighter, faster, and all around even better

There’s plenty of Rush influence as they toy with rhythm patterns that don’t repeat and some very long jam songs. “Moanjam” is over six minutes and the title track is over nine. Not only that, they both work really well, as everything that’s said is interesting and fresh…the band don’t indulge to the point of boring their listener.

One of the things that’s always confused me is how resistant Doug Pinnick was to being labeled a Christian band. Now, I know that plenty of his lyrics do seem to question some of the central beliefs of Christianity, but here, on the album where they had their first big hit (“It’s Love” got a ton of MTV airplay, at least on shows like Headbanger’s Ball and 120 Minutes), there’s hardly any skepticism to go along with the adoration. Let’s take a trip through some of these songs, shall we?

  • I’ll Never Get Tired Of You – Probably the sappiest love song lyrics ever written, and it’s about God.
  • Moanjam – “I sing this song because of you/You’re the story”
  • I Can’t Help It – “So then a mark is left a feeling of some type of relief/And then the laughter comes reinforcing my belief”
  • Everywhere I Go – “Everywhere I go I see you”

And then there’s the pro-life (I wouldn’t say anti-choice, it seems very personal) song “Legal Kill,” and then you put a bible verse in the liner notes (“…the greatest of these is love”) and really…you cannot be surprised you get mistaken for a Christian band.

Best. Christian band. Ever. This album rocks.

Mix: “It’s Love”
– “We Are Finding Who We Are,” “The Fine Art Of Friendship,” “Mr. Wilson,” “Moanjam,” “Six Broken Soldiers,” “Talk To You,” “We Were Born To Be Loved,” “Faith Hope Love”
– “I’ll Never Get Tired Of You,” “I Can’t Help It,” “Everywhere I Go,” “Legal Kill”
Filed Between: King’s X’s Out Of The Silent Planet and King’s X
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. We Are Finding Who We Are –
  2. It’s Love –
  3. I’ll Never Get Tired Of You – weird lyrics
  4. Fine Art Of Friendship –
  5. Mr. Wilson –
  6. Moanjam – Another one that shouldn’t be this good given how long it is, but it’s awesome.
  7. Six Broken Soldiers – weird but it really works.
  8. I Can’t Help It –
  9. Talk To You – frenetic. sweet.
  10. Everywhere I Go – would be full on a lesser album. I like this fine, it’s just overshadowed by what’s around it. and then the lyrics are pretty meh.
  11. We Were Born To Be Loved –
  12. Faith Hope Love – shouldn’t work at this length, but it does. reminiscent of Operation:mindcrime in a lot of ways.
  13. Legal Kill – is this about abortion? I quite like the song, and it’s not preachy about his convictions (pro-life…I won’t even say anti-choice), but the title of the song…it’s just too much.

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