Daniele Luppi: Malos Habitos

120_largeAnother movie score for the Ipecac record label. This one is from Daniele Luppi, who would gain a lot of attention the following year for his collaboration with Danger Mouse.

I definitely get a Naked Lunch (“I can think of at least two things wrong with that title”) vibe out of this one with its slow, thematic work and sparse instrumentation. It’s mostly strings and piano (“Flan Paraiso” brings in like a bandoneon or something and then just a bowed cello for a nice change of pace), and the three or so main themes are heavily repeated: the “Gordibuena” theme is the basis for at least five of these 20 tracks. None of it is bad, though some of it is uninspired (“Tercera Penitencia”, “Cumpli”) and I’m quite tired of some of the themes by the end of the album.

The first half of this is much better than the end, in part due to that theme fatigue, but also because it does just lose inspiration. The album starts quite nicely with the introduction of the two main themes, and then the best stretch is tracks six to 11 where you get four full hearts and the rich “Primera Y Segunda Pentiencia.”

It’s quite enjoyable, and due to the rich strings and lack of vocals it’s good working music, but I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this one very much.

– “Flan Paraiso,” “Primera Y Segunda Penitencia,” “Gordibuena (Amor Despues Del Desamor),” “Casarse Con Dios,” “Quinta Penitencia”
– “Despues Del Desamor,” “Malos Habitos, Titulos (Primer Milagro),” “Gordibuena,” “Lluvia,” “Malas Noticias,” “Tercera Penitencia,” “La Lluvia No Para,” “Cuarta Penitencia Y Segundo Milagro,” “Cumpli,” “Comunion,” “Gordibuena (Reprise),” “Malas Noticias (Reprise),” “Gordibuena (2nd Reprise),” “Malos Habitos, Titulos (Ultimo Milagro),” “Gordibuena (Piano Solo)”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Despues Del Desamor –
  2. Malos Habitos, Titulos (Primer Milagro) – Very similar to preceding track. Same melody.
  3. Gordibuena – Kind of having a visceral reaction against this. Not sure why. Maybe because it’s on here so much.
  4. Lluvia –
  5. Malas Noticias – Like a bunch of grace notes.
  6. Flan Paraiso – The most unique
  7. Primera Y Segunda Penitencia – I think I like these penitencias the best. 65 seconds.
  8. Gordibuena (Amor Despues Del Desamor) –
  9. Tercera Penitencia – not as good as track 7. very different.
  10. La Lluvia No Para –
  11. Casarse Con Dios –
  12. Cuarta Penitencia Y Segundo Milagro – Awfully good, almost full. The “segundo milagro” part has the same theme used in the “primer milagro.”
  13. Gordibuena (Reprise) – There’s that visceral negative reaction again.
  14. Cumpli –
  15. Comunion – Love when the bigger set of strings comes in at about 0:40.
  16. Malas Noticias (Reprise) – Chopin-esque. Like a prelude.
  17. Quinta Penitencia –
  18. Gordibuena (2nd Reprise) –
  19. Malos Habitos, Titulos (Ultimo Milagro) –
  20. Gordibuena (Piano Solo) – really goes Romantic here with the fluid tempo

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