The Stereo: Three Hundred (Japanese Import)

stereo_threehundred_coverNo review because friend.

Mix: “Devotion,” “She Would Never,” “You’ve Got Some Nerve,” “Ramona,” “Dance To This!,” “There Goes My Mouth Again”
– “Three Hundred,” “Count On Me,” “Drop Everything,” “Divine,” “Waiting For This Moment (Demo Version),” “Took Away (Demo Version)”
– “Please Try To Understand,” “Problems,” “You Can’t Go Home”
Filed Between: The Stereo’s Three Hundred and New Tokyo Is Calling
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Devotion –
  2. She Would Never –
  3. Three Hundred – the first rory song
  4. You’ve Got Some Nerve –
  5. Please Try To Understand –
  6. Ramona –
  7. Problems –
  8. You Can’t Go Home – Might be full on a lesser album, but stands out as good but not great given the rest of it.
  9. Count On Me –
  10. Dance To This! –
  11. Drop Everything –
  12. There Goes My Mouth Again –
  13. Divine –
  14. Waiting For This Moment (Demo Version) –
  15. Took Away (Demo Version) –

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