Sleater-Kinney: Dig Me Out

digmeoutFriggin’ awesome. Sleater-Kinney doing what they do best. Ridonkulous that their very rough debut came out only two years prior and here they are post-riot-grrrl completely leading the indie and punk rock scenes. Gone are the melodramatic screams of young Evergreen lesbians trying on nihilistic versions of feminism. Here they are fully confident in having found their voice. Men are not addressed directly as assholes…as far as I can tell, the assholes are just ignored.

Carrie Brownstein hasn’t lost any of the intensity in her voice, but the tension is more of passion than desperation. Corin Tucker is a damned fine guitarist, mixing up catchy melodies with an aggressive bite and dissonant chords, supporting the songs with at least one if not two guitar lines that are alternate paths through the songs. And check out the intricacy and precision of Janet Weiss’ drums on the title track…incredible. And yet it all works together from start to finish. They’ve figured out how to write the perfect pop punk song (check out those handclaps on “Turn It On”) that are the perfect antidote to Green Day: catchy as hell, but dirty and grimacey all the same.

“Turn It On” or “Dance Song ’97” is my favorite. “Words And Guitar” is a bit strident, but there are six songs I wouldn’t hesitate to put on a mix. Six mix! It rhymes and it’s got to be close to some kind of a record for a single record (rhymes).

Mix: “Dig Me Out,” “One More Hour,” “Turn It On,” “The Drama You’ve Been Craving,” “It’s Enough,” “Dance Song ’97”
– “Heart Factory,” “Little Babies,” “Not What You Want,” “Buy Her Candy,” “Things You Say,” “Jenny”
– “Words And Guitar”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Dig Me Out –
  2. One More Hour – that guit riff is so weird, it’s like she can’t quite play it right.
  3. Turn It On – great hand claps.
  4. The Drama You’ve Been Craving –
  5. Heart Factory –
  6. Words And Guitar –
  7. It’s Enough –
  8. Little Babies –
  9. Not What You Want –
  10. Buy Her Candy –
  11. Things You Say –
  12. Dance Song ’97 – It IS dancey! also synth
  13. Jenny – would be awesome if it were a cover of 867-5309

3 thoughts on “Sleater-Kinney: Dig Me Out

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