King’s X: Gretchen Goes To Nebraska

Gretchen Goes To NebraskaAnother great record from King’s X. This is the only one of their first six I hadn’t heard before, and even then I recognized some of the songs. I am not sure how many times I saw them in concert, but it must have been quite a few because “Over My Head” was very familiar. And, yeah, I know it was a single, but I don’t think that’s the reason…I think I just picked it up live.

The strongest and the weakest part of this album is guitarist Jerry Gaskill. Strongest in that his chunky, full guitar riffs are about 70% of the awesomeness of the songs themselves. Weakest because there’s a guitar solo on most songs (if not all of them), and that’s just not his strong suit. I know guitar solos were de rigeur in 1989, but it’s not like the band was afraid to go against convention in other areas. The songs could have benefited from a bridge or something in that spot, but as it is those solos are pretty much all momentum-suckers. The exception is “Send A Message,” an uptempo rocker that doesn’t slow down for the solo. Not a coincidence that’s the only track I’ve got listed as a mix CD candidate.

In the end, this boils down to mostly awesome guitar-playing and song-writing from start to finish, with some momentum-sucking parts and songs thrown in that don’t ruin the overall awesomeness.

Mix: “Send A Message”
– “Out Of The Silent Planet,” “Over My Head,” “Summerland,” “Everybody Knows A Little Bit Of Something,” “I’ll Never Be The Same,” “Mission,” “Fall On Me”
– “The Difference (In The Garden Of St. Anne’s-On-The-Hill),” “Pleiades”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Out Of The Silent Planet – harmonies. The quiet part is unnecessary.
  2. Over My Head – I know this one. Maybe because I heard it at their concerts? Or maybe they re-did it on a later album. Gets indulgently long to mix, but it is sweet.
  3. Summerland – great harmonies
  4. Everybody Knows A Little Bit Of Something –
  5. The Difference (In The Garden Of St. Anne’s-On-The-Hill) – the ballad. way too long and repetitive. There’s just no excuse.
  6. I’ll Never Be The Same –
  7. Mission –
  8. Fall On Me –
  9. Pleiades – Ends up being pretty good, but takes a long time to get there. Given its hugeness, seems crazy it’s under five minutes.
  10. Don’t Believe It –
  11. Send A Message –
  12. The Burning Down –

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