King’s X: Out Of The Silent Planet

I started this trek through King’s X’s catalog because Dig Me Out podcast is going to review the band’s sixth album, Ear Candy and I’m kinda OCD. So I started listening to it and my first thoughts were on how familiar it sounded. I figured the band must have really borrowed heavily from these songs for their later releases, which I had. But it turns out I have this CD, too. Go figure. #MusicNerdProblems

This is a ridiculously good debut album. It’s obvious these guys had paid their dues before putting it together. The songs are all expertly crafted, catchy, well-layered progressive hard rock. They sound a lot like a less silly Galactic Cowboys (a much younger band also from Texas that they would tour with when I was in high school). In fact, you can hear how they influenced a lot of progressive bands in the decade that would follow…it’s like, even though Rush had a few good albums after this, this is where Rush should have gone.

The only complaint I have is that it’s missing a je ne sais quoi. I can’t find anything specific to criticize, but things are a little bit too sludgy/ploddy to excite me for more than parts of a song. They would somewhat publicly ditch Sam Taylor, the producer of their first four albums, stating that he couldn’t capture their live sound on record, and that may be them hearing the same problems I am. Given the excellent content, it’s hard for me to give this less than 4.5 clowns, but since the band themselves were unhappy with the production, let me use that to justify a half-clown demerit.


– “In The New Age,” “Goldilox,” “Power Of Love,” “Wonder,” “Sometimes,” What Is This?,” “Far, Far Away,” “Shot Of Love,” “Visions”
– “King”
Filed Between: King Can (Maximum Power Super Loud) and King’s X’s Faith Hope Love
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. In The New Age – Takes an awfully long time to get going. Killer guitar solo pushes it to full.
  2. Goldilox – Kind of a weird adolescent thing about fascinating about some woman he’s observing from afar wishing she was “the one.” Although he’s gay, so….
  3. Power Of Love – Love that little groove at the end of the song.
  4. Wonder – The “should I go to the” parts make me want to mix it, but the chorus is merely full-heart territory.
  5. Sometimes –
  6. King – Boy I really like the start of this. Could it move up from open? The chorus (“King is coming”) is awfully repetitive and bland.
  7. What Is This? –
  8. Far, Far Away –
  9. Shot Of Love – a more straightforward pop song than e.g., that really interesting guitar of previous track. Easier beat.
  10. Visions – Is that an Atom Heart Mother-esque drip at the end?

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