Cibo Matto: Stereo Type A

Motivated to put the wraps on this one (is that even a thing? my brain is fried right now) because I just looked closely at the album cover picture above and realize it lists 16 tracks, two more than the version I’ve got. I guess in Japan this wasn’t long enough and so they need two more tracks on their version? Which is fucking hilarious because the main takeaway I have with this album is that both the songs and the album as a whole are too fucking long. (The second main takeaway is that if I write “almost a full heart” in the track notes I can relieve myself of a ton of pressure to decide whether it’s full or open. I needed that.)

14 tracks over 57 minutes. Good glory ass balls to the highest! Yeah, the fatal flaw with this record is the song (and album) lengths are that of a prog rock band, but they fill that time with quirky pop song content. Not a winning recipe.

A cute little synth riff, and cute, heavily accented vocals make this really appealing initially. But by the time they get to the chorus and you realize it’s one fucking line repeated four times and then they basically turn that into a five minute song…. I mean, seriously, nobody listened to this and thought, “Hmmmm, do we really need to have all of these sounds?” Or, conversely, somebody did review this as a product and though, “Yeah, that all needs to be said. Everything there is essential.” And this is from 1999, when we’d had many years to absorb the worst aspect of 90’s music, that of rambling album lengths due to the amount that could be stored on a CD. I’m not a big fan of records, but I think they kind of almost hit on the perfect album length of about 45 minutes accidentally.

And the Japanese version is even fucking longer. Lord have mercy.

– “Working For Vacation,” “Sci-Fi Wasabi,” “King Of Silence,” “Mortming”
– “Spoon,” “Lint Of Love,” “Clouds,” “Blue Train,” “Sunday Part I,” “Sunday Part II”
– “Flowers,” “Moonchild,” “Speechless,” “Stone”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Working For Vacation – super nice but they should have just cut the last minute where they just repeat the first 2.5 minutes of the song. What a fucking miserable capsule of the record as a whole.
  2. Spoon – really growing on me. Too long and repetitive, like every other track, but it does have a lot of great parts and even kind of works together as a really nice whole. Close to full heart. “We belong as two two together” like eight times right in a row. Eight! Love the wakka wakka guitar.
  3. Flowers – “I want certain words more than a thousand flowers.” Rhythm of words does not match rhythm of the melody at all, whcih I find really annoying.
  4. Lint Of Love – boy, even this is growing on me. Leans toward full.
  5. Moonchild – way too long
  6. Sci-Fi Wasabi –
  7. Clouds – Close to full heart.
  8. Speechless – another long one. Nice start.
  9. King Of Silence – Pretty good, but…too long. Almost five minutes. WTF? “I can take your pain away/I know we have different shoes” Can that be right?
  10. Blue Train – 5:20? FML.
  11. Sunday Part I –
  12. Sunday Part II – boring
  13. Stone – so repetitive
  14. Mortming – Way more experimental than anything else on here. Instrumental (synths). More like the Beak> or Four Tet I’ve been listening to.

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