Four Tet: Beautiful Rewind

No idea what I heard that inspired me to download this tale of two types of songs and put it into the review rotation. Absolutely none. Where would I have run across a Four Tet song?

Anyway, so Four Tet. It’s like one guy doing a lot of electronics and vocal sampling. Reminds me a lot of James Blake, and I had a pretty similar experience with that album as with this one. Something caught my ear, it sounded really new, and I excitedly started listening and kind of got frustrated with the repetitive nature of the genre.

So, as I said above, the theme here is Tale Of Two Songs. One type of song is pretty awesome. It’s got very cool keyboard layering and tricky rhythms and sweet, sweet, sugary sweet female vocals that never get old no matter how often they’re repeated. The second type of song has a more aggressive rhythm and a male vocal that is annoying the second time it’s repeated and then goes on to be repeated about 100 more times.

This is so close to being a great album. The full- and open-hearted songs could be better with some easy choices, and usually the broken hearted songs have something to offer. For “Buchla,” it’s when the female vocal comes in about halfway through, and for “Aerial” it’s the first half of the song, before the male vocal really picks up. Sense a pattern? Yeah, for some reason, the male vocals on this release drive me nuts. On the other side of my rating scale, “Parallel Jalebi” would have been a mix candidate if he’d just left off the last 90 seconds, where he cuts away to silence and then slowly brings the track back…to what purpose?

Anyway, some very cool parts on here that I absolutely love, but they rarely work as songs and they really don’t work as an album.

– “Parallel Jalebi,” “Unicorn”
– “Our Navigation,” “Ba Teaches Yoga,” “Crush,” “Your Body Feels”
– “Gong,” “Kool FM,” “Buchla,” “Aerial,” “Ever Never”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Gong – It’s about broccoli. Love that female vocal in there. “Who knows broccoli.”
  2. Parallel Jalebi –
  3. Our Navigation –
  4. Ba Teaches Yoga – may move up to full
  5. Kool FM – “on fire tonight” (I think)
  6. Crush – may move up to full
  7. Buchla – I don’t hate this as much as some of the previously broken songs, but I don’t want to listen to it.
  8. Aerial – or is this the on fire tonight song? Sounds like he’s singing on a phone connection that keeps dropping. I mean, that’s the intentional sound of it. It’s cool, I’m just describing it.
  9. Ever Never – 31 seconds. Has a weird kind of disconcerting buzzing throughout.
  10. Unicorn – like the songs at the top. Might be my fave. Sparse, plinkly.
  11. Your Body Feels – A lot like “Buchla” in that most of the track is actually quite enjoyable but it gets completely ruined by one repeated vocal sample.

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