Lucius: Wildewoman

First listens to this album were groan-filled, as this band out of Brooklyn (with an American Idol history) looks and sounds exactly like every other band out of Brooklyn. Listening to the disc, I just knew they’d done a fucking Tiny Desk Concert…sure enough, there it is. And can you believe that one of the guys in the band has a beard and the other has a mustache? Fucking hipsters. It sounds just like Local Natives except the female-sounding-vocals are actually produced by females. One of which is super hot, so at least there’s that.

Anyway, I got sidetracked on the listening-and-reviewing path because I’ve been working on the 2013 mixes (complete now; yet to be unveiled). And over the course of listening to this again and again I gradually softened into non-resistance and finally welcoming. ‘Cuz the songs are actually really good. They do their best to mask that fact by bookending the album with the two worst songs and naming the album after the absolute worst one.

“Hey, Doreen” is the obvious single except for some reason “Turn It Around” is the one they went with and the one that’s getting all the airplay. Everybody is doing it wrong! “Wildewoman” sucks…reminds me of Dar Williams’ “Flinty Kind Of Woman” in its lyrical content. They should have ended the disc with the nicely floating “Don’t Just Sit There,” with its at least titular motivation, but they had to tack on the harmless “Monsters” and the overwrought worst-of-70’s AOR “How Loud Your Heart Gets” that’s like a mix of Toto, Steelheart, and Heart…reach for your lighters, baby!

Production sounds like ass. Way too compressed. It should not be that loud, assholes. I am obviously losing this fucking war.

Mix – “Hey, Doreen”
– “Turn It Around,” “Go Home,” “Tempest,” “Two Of Us On The Run,” “Until We Get There,” “Don’t Just Sit There”
– “Monsters,” “How Loud Your Heart Gets”
– “Wildewoman”
Filed Between: Low Vs Diamond (Low Vs Diamond) and The Lucky Stars (Hollywood & Western)
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Wildewoman – There’s a vocal quality that’s like … who … ?
  2. Turn It Around –
  3. Go Home –
  4. Hey, Doreen – Awesome.
  5. Tempest – suffers from some horrible over-compression. it doesn’t need to get that loud, guys. nice tune, though.
  6. Nothing Ordinary – Again with the compression.
  7. Two Of Us On The Run –
  8. Until We Get There –
  9. Don’t Just Sit There – Two songs in a row that end with ‘there’. huynh. Also compression: there’s too much of it.
  10. Monsters –
  11. How Loud Your Heart Gets – So this is like a Toto song or something? Whip out the lighters, girls. “Like a router in the night!”

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