Spiderbait: Grand Slam

The thing I really like about this album is how sure of itself it is in each individual song. I mean, each one has a distinct personality, you can tell what they were wanting to do on that song, even if you hate it. The album as a whole, though…well, that’s a different story.

What does this album want to be? If they were shooting for a really shitty ass mix of a ton of different styles, they nailed it. Otherwise it’s just schizophrenia in sonic form.

And you know, I’d be happy with the stylistic variation if they were good in more than half of them. As it is, though, a listen takes you from an awesome fist-clenching guitar song to a laid-back drum machine rainy Sunday fey-vocals piece of crap.

If I took a reductionistic approach and just summed up the parts here, I’d probably find there was a lot of enjoyment. But as a holistic thing, as an album, I just have no desire to listen to it because it’s too scattered and there are two many awful parts.


– “Shazam!,” “Plastic,” “White Trash Superstar,” “King Of The Northern”
– “Dinnertime,” “Daisy May,” “Stevie,” “Jellybean Drifter,” “Lickety Split”
– “Cracker,” “Glockenpop,” “Bessy’s Last Journey,” “Buster,” “By The Time I Get To Howlong,” “Tallygaroopna,” “Ultralite,” “Lost In Adelaide”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Cracker – Oh shit, this is what this album’s gonna be about? Fuck. What shitty band is this totally ripping off? The doo duh duh doo doo thing (a la Deee-Lite (awfully impressed with self that I knew how how many E’s were in that band name)) on vox is cool. In a funny way. Hate to admit that this is growing on me. But it still bothers me quite a bit.
  2. Glockenpop – This is maybe tongue in cheek? The lyrics are about stupid music? And so the music itself ends up being stupid? Well, I hate it. The way she messes up the accent on “over and over” drives me insane.
  3. Shazam! –
  4. Dinnertime – God I hate that vocal style…way too high. Jesus these lyrics blow. Somehow the guitar keeps it as an open heart. I mean, I’m not super annoyed with the whole thing.
  5. Plastic –
  6. Bessy’s Last Journey – “Everybody needs a holiday”
  7. Daisy May – Like the dirty guitar sound. But her vox still do bug me. It’s only two minutes, so I can make this open.
  8. White Trash Superstar – Great lyrics about half a brain.
  9. Buster – boring. but not annoying. just a quick little riff. some cool synth sounds. Mostly pretty dumb.
  10. By The Time I Get To Howlong – This shit is like James Taylor and Jackson Browne touching each other.
  11. Stevie – Jackson 5
  12. Jellybean Drifter –
  13. King Of The Northern – “lickin’ the sweat off my ass”. Songs with the guy singing are way better than the ones with the woman singing.
  14. Tallygaroopna – boring. No reason this needs to be included. Guys, ever hear of a producer? Get one.
  15. Ultralite – about brushing teeth. Hate.
  16. Lickety Split –
  17. Lost In Adelaide –

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