Monster Magnet: Superjudge

And then Monster Magnet hit their stride. This is like a completely different band than the one we last saw a couple years prior doing 25 Tab and Spine Of God. I mean, from two 1.5-clown releases to 4.5 clowns? What happened?

Aw, who cares? Don’t think about it too much. Don’t spend any time wondering why the stand-out lyrics (e.g., “but I could fuck an angel,” “my dick just got a million times bigger”) don’t clunk here where they did on prior releases. Don’t imagine what kind of deal they made with the devil to completely reinvent Will Dixon’s ominous call-out of infidelity, “Evil (Is Going On),” while also remaining completely true to the song’s soul.

Instead, just sit back and enjoy the awesome fuzzed-out riffage of new guitarist Ed Mundell. It can be kind of hard to differentiate the songs or to think of each song as a cohesive whole. If instead, you just get on the ride for 53 minutes of excellently-produced stoner guitar, you’ll find, aside from things getting a little too slow, sparse, and repetitive in “Cage Around The Sun,” nothing to criticize.

– “Cyclops Revolution,” “Twin Earth,” “Superjudge,” “Elephant Bell,” “Dinosaur Vacume,” “Evil (Is Going On),” “Stadium,” “Face Down,” “Brainstorm,” “Black Balloon”
– “Cage Around The Sun”
Filed Between: Thelonious Monk (The Composer) and Monster Magnet’s Dopes To Infinity
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Cyclops Revolution – “but I can fuck an angel.”
  2. Twin Earth –
  3. Superjudge –
  4. Cage Around The Sun –
  5. Elephant Bell – “My dick just got a million times bigger.”
  6. Dinosaur Vacume –
  7. Evil (Is Going On) – Willie Dixon song popularized by Howlin’ Wolf
  8. Stadium –
  9. Face Down –
  10. Brainstorm – Originally Hawkwind
  11. Black Balloon –

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