Seattle Presents Volume Two, Live Concerts At City Hall

seattlepresentsThis barely even deserves to exist as a CD. It’s only as a physical relic of the showcasing of Seattle’s musical diversity in a series of concerts at City Hall. Which is only to say I’m not going to review it as a holistic thing. Let’s get to the songs.

  1. Warriors (Traffic Jam Remix) – Gabriel Teodros – Major suck on two fronts. I hate socially conscious rap. Nobody. Is. Listening. And this is inartful…it’s so sensitive ponytail man, just fucking pandering. And god those fucking inhales. Breathe much? This is unlistenable. Probably the worst thing I’ve heard this year if not this decade.
  2. Otro Buchipluma – Miho & Diego Duo – The best track on the album. Like marimba and flute, though I’m pretty sure the “flute” is some kind of non-Western instrument. Nice melody, cool rhythms, upbeat. Of all the artists on here, this is the one I really want to hear more from.
  3. Chip On My Shoulder – Christy McWilson – Straightforward roots country-rock. Very nice guitarpersonship. Nice groove. Sounds like an insult, but it’s not, to say this is very competent and workpersonlike. Might only be an open heart in the context of a full album, but I’ll make it full here to help me remember I dug it.
  4. Toxic Shellfish In The Sun – Two Loons For Tea – This singer’s really into herself as evidenced by her vocal style (is somebody torturing a cat?) and her unsuccessful-attempts-at-deadpan-funny banter. Guitar and vocalist, slow, blues-jazz kinda thing. Not interesting or good.
  5. Raga Bhairavi – Farmaish – I don’t know a lot about Indian classical music, but let’s just say that out of the handful of ragas I have in my collection, this one’s about at the bottom of the pile when I’m looking to pull one out for a listen.
  6. I’m From – Melissa Noelle Green & Sharp Skills – A rap that owes a lot to beat poetry. Pretty good. Except for that ridiculous line about Lay’s potato chips.
  7. Lament At Changemen Palace – Wu Ziying – Soloist on guqin, a Chinese stringed instrument. The song I’m least qualified to review here. I like it. Eastern tones on a solo stringed instrument, so reminiscent of the Indian raga in that sense, but this is much shorter. the worst part of it is the melody that sounds like he’s going into “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”
  8. Do The Capitol – Visqueen – Alt-pop kinda thing that Seattle’s best known for. Horrible lyrics: “When you find the one you love/You’ll take out insurance to make them stay”. But I like the punky energy with a fun groove. Full-hearting for same reason I full-hearted Christy McWilson.
  9. Open Up Your Ears – Michael Partington – It’s like an attempt at a Danny Gatton or Rodrigo y Gabriela kinda thing. Okay, but kinda just not-well-executed guitar wizardry. Not really a thread of a song here. Also not helped by his banter which sounds like the most boring man in the world ever.

– “Otro Buchipluma” (Miho & Diego Duo), “Chip On My Shoulder” (Christy McWilson), “Do The Capitol” (Visqueen)
– “Raga Bhairavi” (Farmaish), “I’m From” (Melissa Noelle Green & Sharp Skills), “Lament At Changemen Palace” (Wu Ziying)
– “Warriors (Traffic Jam Remix)” (Gabriel Teodros), “Toxic Shellfish In The Sun” (Two Loons For Tea), “Open Up Your Ears” (Michael Partington)
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