Girls Against Boys: Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby

Now I get it. I was brutal when I reviewed House Of GVSB and Disco Six Six Six some years ago. But now that I’ve listened to this album, released a few years earlier in the band’s discography, I understand what they were trying to do on those recordings. This one is much better, to be sure, but it’s also helped me appreciate those later releases at least a little bit more.

You’ve got all the same elements here as the other stuff I reviewed: namely a bit of a laid-back post-hardcore DC vibe going, along with a gruff, laid-back vocal. But it just works better. The material’s better and the energy’s higher. Even on the very slow “Get Down,” there’s a smoldering intensity there that makes the song infinitely more interesting than even the best of House Of GVSB or Disco Six Six Six.

It’s rare that my opinion of a band can change so dramatically. Thanks, GVSB, for writing some good stuff before your bad stuff. I not only get it now, I love it. It’s sad to see this one go.

– “Let Me Come Back,” “Get Down,” “Bullet Proof Cupid,” “7 Seas”
– “In Like Flynn,” “Go Be Delighted,” “Rockets Are Red,” “Satin Down,” “Learned It,” “Billy’s One Stop,” “Bughouse”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. In Like Flynn – Right off the bat his voice reminds me of those terrible two things from J-mez I reviewed. “So come down to my level”.
  2. Go Be Delighted –
  3. Rockets Are Red – Like a Helmety grindy guitar thing.
  4. Satin Down – Blegh. “Well excuse me.” I like it now. So there you go. Almost full, but the slow parts are just a little too draggy. Quite a good track.
  5. Let Me Come Back – So this gets better.
  6. Learned It – Starts off good. Also almost full-hearted.
  7. Get Down – This song could be used as the dictionary entry for “smolder.”
  8. Bullet Proof Cupid –
  9. 7 Seas –
  10. Billy’s One Stop –
  11. Bughouse –

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