Los Lobos: Colossal Head

Shit, this run through the Los Lobos catalog has been depressing, as I haven’t liked any of the last three albums, this one inclusive, as much as I remember liking them. Certainly not the last two, which I remember loving, and now make me feel a little bit dirty. On the plus side, By The Light Of The Moon came back with a much higher rating than expected, and La Pistola Y El Córazon exceeded expectations as well.

Here’s where Ima land with this, the last of my re-reviews for Los Lobos: It’s still really good, just not as good as I remember it being. And, to be more precise, the sich is that it’s got this really cool laid back vibe with a Morphine-style saxophone and some really tricky, Latin-rooted (I think) rhythms that are also heavily R&B/funk-influenced and academic as well. So they groove but they’re a bit awkward and heady in their groove. (It’s a bit like Steely Dan in that way.) So it all works really well if you’re focused on the music…if the music is the event. But if you’re trying to get work done, then you just end up wondering, “Wait, has this seemingly simple but actually lurching groove been going on for the last 20 minutes? How come I’m five songs on?”

All of which is to say it’s an awesome album. Just give it it’s proper due.

– “Revolution,” “Mas Y Mas,” “Maricela”
– “Everybody Loves A Train,” “Can’t Stand The Rain,” “Life Is Good,” “Little Japan,” “Manny’s Bones,” “Colossal Head,” “This Bird’s Gonna Fly,” “Buddy Ebsen Loves The Night Time”

Filed Between: Los Lobos’s Kiko and Lovage (Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By)
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Revolution – Seems to be sung from pov of tired, aging former revolutionary.
  2. Mas Y Mas – Could sound better. This guitar is just filthy.
  3. Maricela –
  4. Everybody Loves A Train – Lots of talking into a CB. But if you’re in the right mood, it’s a cool little dirty number.
  5. Can’t Stop The Rain –
  6. Life Is Good –
  7. Little Japan –
  8. Manny’s Bones –
  9. Colossal Head –
  10. This Bird’s Gonna Fly – Almost a Morphine style sax here.
  11. Buddy Ebsen Loves The Night Time –

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