Mazzy Star: She Hangs Brightly

She Hangs Brightly is like baseball: boring, but good. Not to be mistaken for the album’s follow-up, So Tonight That I Might See, which was very boring and terrible.

You get a lot of same-tempo, same-key here, and even on their first album they were really mining all the reverb they put on vocalist Hope Sandoval’s voice. But a few things save this one. First, it rarely gets awful. Most of “I’m Sailing'” and parts of “She Hangs Brightly,” “Taste Of Blood,” and “Ghost Highway” are as bad as it gets. Second, Sandoval’s lyrics are great. Third, there are a few stand-out moments on the album. Pretty much all of “Ride It On” and “Give You My Lovin’,” along with the bizzonkers chords pulled out in the middle of an otherwise sleepy “Before I Sleep.”

So it’s a pretty one-dimensional album, but it’s light enough and manageable enough that, especially if you’re in the mood for drone-y, quiet, electronified folky stuff, it works pretty well. Don’t try to make it more than it is, but there’s at least a place in the world for this album. Truth be told, I’ll kind of be sad to see it go after I post this. A bit tougher to let this go than most three-clown discs.

– “Ride It On,” “Give You My Lovin’,” “Before I Sleep”
– “Halah,” “Blue Flower,” “She Hangs Brightly,” “Be My Angel,” “Taste Of Blood,” “Ghost Highway,” “Free”
– “I’m Sailin'”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Halah –
  2. Blue Flower – “The sun was sparkling on the shaft of your knife.”
  3. Ride It On –
  4. She Hangs Brightly – I swear I know this from somewhere. Maybe it’s the Doors influence. Maybe it sounds like something on So Tonight That I Might See. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve just listened to it too much for this review.
  5. I’m Sailin – slide guitar
  6. Give You My Lovin –
  7. Be My Angel – a preview of fade into you. I only hear “Fade Into You”. Once it gets going I like it.
  8. Taste Of Blood – Meh. Fine as a mood piece you don’t pay much attention to. Goes on too long.
  9. Ghost Highway – Doors much? Kinda bland and unoriginal. Hate the beginning, but it gets quite a bit better as it goes.
  10. Free –
  11. Before I Sleep – Very cool how the harmony goes in very unexpected, I wanna say directions but it’s more like jolts, on this song.

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