Los Lobos: Kiko

Aside from “La Bamba,” this is kind of the defining release of Los Lobos’ career. It seems to be the album I see the most cultural references to, and I think a big part of that is that they really stretch out the range of genres they work with here. For the most part it’s a bunch of great songs over a ton of styles, including some new stylistic recipes. It’s a bit much, though, at 16 tracks that seem to run longer than their stated 53 minutes. A bizarre choice to bunch the weakest tracks up at the beginning also reduces any impetus there may be to pop this one in. I love a lot of these songs, but as a cohesive album it’s a bit wanting.

– “Angels With Dirty Faces,” “Saint Behind The Glass,” “When The Circus Comes,” “Short Side Of Nothing,” “Two Janes,” “Whiskey Trail,” “Just A Man,” “Peace,” “Rio De Tenampa”
– “Dream In Blue,” “Wake Up Dolores,” “Reva’s House,” “Arizona Skies,” “Wicked Rain”
– “That Train Don’t Stop Here,” “Kiko And The Lavender Moon”
Filed Between: Los Lobos’ The Neighborhood and Colossal Head
13. Whiskey Trail -That cuts-through-you guitar is like Reckless-era Bryan Adams. Totally awesome. I need to go listen to the album again.

15.Peace – Was going to be open until the last 30 seconds or so where that different instrument comes in. Totally makes an otherwise merely solid track perfect.


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