Screaming Trees: Sweet Oblivion

Just a ridiculously good album…nearly perfect. One of the rare occasions where a band’s best-known album is its best.  And one of the even rarer instances where a band’s best-known song (“Nearly Lost You,” which also appeared on the Singles soundtrack) may actually be its best. Just a great album, unfortunately still overlooked relative to its worth, one of the pillars of Peak Grunge. Beautiful vocal melodies, awesome guitar leads that cut through everything, great sound.

– “Shadow Of The Season,” “Nearly Lost You,” “Dollar Bill,” “More Or Less,” “Butterfly,” “The Secret Kind,” “Winter Song,” “Troubled Times,” “No One Knows,” “Julie Paradise”
– “For Celebrations Past”
Filed Between: Screaming Trees’ Uncle Anesthesia and Dust
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Shadow Of The Season –
  2. Nearly Lost You –
  3. Dollar Bill –
  4. More Or Less – what an intro. what a tease. what awesomeness. What a screaming guitar intro. Wilco wishes they could write a song this good. Fuck you, Jeff Tweedy. You suck.
  5. Butterfly –
  6. For Celebrations Past –
  7. The Secret Kind –
  8. Winter Song –
  9. Troubled Times –
  10. No One Knows –
  11. Julie Paradise – He died a broken and lonely man

3 thoughts on “Screaming Trees: Sweet Oblivion

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