My Brightest Diamond: A Thousand Shark’s Teeth [sic]

The single most important word to understanding what you’re getting from My Brightest Diamond, one of those individuals-under-name-of-band things, is “chanteuse.” For a long time it was the only word I’d jotted down as a note in my review, and a few days later I saw it used in the quote from NPR on the back of the promotional CD I have, which was pretty validating.

Shara Worden’s got an artier-than-thou vibe going on throughout this album, including the liner note photographs, and it works really well. It may take a few listens to get underneath the seemingly directionless crooning (mostly that’s at the beginning of songs in the true chanteuse tradition) and learn the songs enough so that you anticipate and welcome their twists and turns, but they’re effortless listens and so worth it.

On first listen everything feels affected and superficial, but after a while you find there are parts that downright rock (“Inside A Boy”), are extremely passionate (“To Pluto’s Moon”), and have wonderfully cool but understated wacked out instrumentation (“Ice And The Storm”).

The artists I’m constantly reminded of is tUnE-yArDs and her 2011 album w h o k i l l (she’s got a thing for formatting). Which is kind of a shame because this was three years prior, at least just as good, and the only reason I’ve heard of it is because “From The Top Of The World” was on that 80-song playlist iTunes gave out in 2008 to students.

– “Inside A Boy,” “Ice And The Storm,” “Apples,” “From The Top Of The World,” “Black And Costaud,” “To Pluto’s Moon,” “Bass Player,” “The Diamond”
– “If I Were Queen,” “Goodbye Forever,” “Like A Sieve”
Filed Between: Music To Floss Your Ears With! (RCA promotional disc from 1996) and My Dying Bride (The Angel And The Dark River)
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Inside A Boy – There are a couple of tracks that get pretty heavy. This is one.
  2. Ice And The Storm – whoa. Takes about two minutes to get to the part I really like, then doesn’t stay there for long before going all wacky again.
  3. If I Were Queen –
  4. Apples –
  5. From The Top Of The World –
  6. Black And Costaud –
  7. To Pluto’s Moon – this is the “slam my hand” song. the best moment on the album.
  8. Bass Player –
  9. Goodbye Forever – the ‘insignificance’ line reminds me of the pearl jam song. Like a lot of tracks on this album, this has parts I love and then parts that drag.
  10. Like A Sieve – This is like more just sounds and atmosphere than a song, but I dig it.
  11. The Diamond –

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