ISIS: Not In Rivers, But In Drops

Another ISIS single from the In The Absence Of Truth album. Just three tracks, covering the same two songs that were the source of the “Holy Tears” single. It’s basically the inverse of that single: album track, other song remixed, title track live.

“Not In Rivers, But In Drops” is about as good a song as “Holy Tears,” maybe a little bit better.

The remix of “Holy Tears” contains a ridiculously long part where very little happens except for a keyboard drone and a guitar part that plays nothing but single tied whole-notes. There’s also an ending consisting of another ridiculously long drone. Good enough source material to earn an open heart, but the boring section is pretty inexcusable.

And the live track is like all of their other live stuff: sung off key with bad sound.

– “Not In Rivers, But In Drops”
–  “Holy Tears (Remix)”
– “Not In Rivers, But In Drops (Live)”


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