La Bamba Soundtrack

It’s like The Doors soundtrack a few years earlier, with the songs in the movie performed by the actors playing them. Most of them work really well, like most of Los Lobos’ versions of the Ritchie Valens songs or Marshall Crenshaw’s of the impossible-to-screw-up “Crying Waiting Hoping” originally by Buddy Holly. But the misses are very painful. Los Lobos’ “Framed” and “Charlena” are overdone and Howard Huntsberry’s “Lonely Teardrops” is so saccharine it makes my teeth hurt. My favorite track is either the title track or the dirty, grimy, sweaty power of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love,” which I’ve of course heard before, but never quite like this.

– “La Bamba” (Los Lobos), “Come On, Let’s Go!” (Los Lobos), “Ooh My Head” (Los Lobos), “Crying Waiting Hoping” (Marshall Crenshaw), “Who Do You Love” (Bo Diddley)
– “We Belong Together” (Los Lobos), “Donna” (Los Lobos),”Summertime Blues” (Brian Setzer), “Goodnight My Love” (Los Lobos)
– “Framed” (Los Lobos), “Lonely Teardrops” (Howard Huntsberry), “Charlena” (Los Lobos)
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. La Bamba – Los Lobos –
  2. Come On, Let’s Go! – Los Lobos – Was worried I wouldn’t be able to distinguish from version on …And A Time To Dance, but this is very different. Tons of reverb on the voice sounds live.
  3. Ooh My Head – Los Lobos –
  4. We Belong Together – Los Lobos –
  5. Framed – Los Lobos –
  6. Donna – Los Lobos – This seems to be a bit of a miss for them. The bridge…his pipes don’t seem up to it. I don’t know if it’s Hidalgo.
  7. Lonely Teardrops – Howard Huntsberry – I hate this so bad. Originally by Jackie Wilson, portrayed by Huntsberry in the film.
  8. Crying Waiting Hoping – Marshall Crenshaw – Originally Buddy Holly, portrayed by Crenshaw in the film.
  9. Summertime Blues – Brian Setzer – Never been a fan of this song, but Setzer is so skilled at making crude music palatable. Originally Eddie Cochran, portrayed by Setzer in the film.
  10. Who Do You Love – Bo Diddley – This rules. And I never would have thought that Diddley would rock the guitar this hard. So real. Is Diddley’s voice always this strong?
  11. Charlena – Los Lobos – Beach Boys-esque. Cloying.
  12. Goodnight My Love – Los Lobos – This is a nice little ending tune. Don’t think it’s Hidalgo singing.

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