[Sister-In-Law] Christmas CD Mix 2012

Reviewing a mix my sister-in-law made for me is kind of like reviewing a friend’s CD; not gonna do it. So here are some notes on the songs for my reference.

  1. The Once And Future Carpenter – The Avett Brothers – Love the line, “If I live the life I’m given, I won’t be scared to die.” This is very good, but it doesn’t quite stand up to repeated listens.
  2. Still Fighting It – Ben Folds – Amazing lyrics. “Everybody knows it hurts to grow up/And everybody does/It’s so weird to be back here/…/And we’re still fighting it/You’re so much like me/I’m sorry.” Totally sums up how I feel about my dad to me to my elder son. Powerful. Man, Ben Folds is mostly trite, but this and “Smoke” are just killer. Killer!
  3. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot – Brand New – I don’t hate it but it doesn’t do anything for me. And I dislike aspects of it.
  4. I Will Survive – Cake – Sounds much better in headphones. And even beyond that it sounds better with earbuds instead of overear phones. It’s the rhythmic interplay between the guit in the left channel and the vox in (mostly) the right channel. I appreciate them trying to unfunk this one, and they do a good job of it, but the ennui affect wears on me after a while. Except if I get that earbuds effect, that’s pretty sweet.
  5. Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth – The Dandy Warhols – Now this one I hate. Downright annoying.
  6. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michaelson – What a great song. This and #4 are bold, bold covers.
  7. Honey And The Moon – Joseph Arthur – pretty lame but not bad. Wish it had more dynamics…too static.
  8. Go Your Own Way – Lissie – Another bold cover. Much better than the original, but I really don’t like the original, so (i) that sets a low bar and (ii) there’s only so much you can do with what’s bad source material.
  9. Leave The Lights On – Meiko – sexy voice. Pretty good. I want to hear more of her. But this is a bit too fey and predictable to be full. Wish she’d stay in the sultry zone more. Nice drum (machine) beats. We’ll make it a full heart in the hopes that that will help me remember to listen to more of her.
  10. Banditos – The Refreshments – How do I know this song so well and yet I had never known the band or song name? The only thing I can think is that in 1996 I must have just heard it in the air. Best song ever.
  11. California (Tchad Blake Mix) – Phantom Planet – Nice enough. But the strained vox are a bit played.
  12. Reasons Why – Nickel Creek – Wow this is boring. I can only imagine that the appeal is in the lyrics, but I’m too bored by the song to listen. Can’t stand their voices, either. Is this Christian rock?
  13. Catapult – Operator Please – Only an open heart on prior year’s mix. But I was being picker about full hearts then. This is def a full heart.

– “Still Fighting It” (Ben Folds), “Leave The Lights On” (Meiko), “Banditos” (The Refreshments), “Catapult” (Operator Please)
– “The Once And Future Carpenter” (The Avett Brothers), “I Will Survive” (Cake), “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Ingrid Michaelson), “Honey And The Moon” (Joseph Arthur), “Go Your Own Way” (Lissie), “California (Tchad Blake Mix)” (Phantom Planet)
– “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” (Brand New), “Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth” (The Dandy Warhols), “Reasons Why” (Nickel Creek)
Filed Between: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Now I Got Worry) and Janis Joplin (Pearl)


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