Los Lobos: La Pistola Y El Corazón

As if Los Lobos didn’t have enough cred by basically inventing their own genre of Latino-progressive-indie-rockabilly, or whatever, just as their star was exploding with the La Bamba soundtrack, they went and recorded a Spanish-only album in tribute to traditional Mexican folk styles like Ranchero and Mariachi. Oh, there’s acordéon, my friend.

I mean, these guys are not half-assing the crossover thing here. We know they can rock, and now we know they’re seriously like, Mexican and stuff. At this point they could have just paid lip service to their roots, but these guys find, like, the thing that will make their career harder going forward than anything else, then do just that. Road less traveled and all that.

Anyway, I have no legitimacy when it comes to this style of music, but I find it a very enjoyable album. I had to work at it–speaking virtually no Spanish and, again, having little to no experience with Latino music, much less traditional Latino folk music–but once I let it sink in, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really ends strongly, too. The last three tracks might be the best three on the album and the last song, the title track and the only original, is definitely the single best track. It’s a perfect ending, as if to say, “Thanks for the inspiration, now we’ll show you how it’s done even better.”

– “La Guacamaya,” “Las Amarillas,” “Que Nadie Sepa Ma Sufrir,” “El Canelo,” “La Pistola Y El Corazón”
– “Si Yo Quisiera,” “(Sonojas) Mañanitas Michoacanas,” “Estoy Sentado Aqui,” “El Gusto”
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2 thoughts on “Los Lobos: La Pistola Y El Corazón

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